A Assessment of the Network Managements CMIP and SNMP

A Evaluation of the Network Managements CMIP and SNMP

Cmip Vs. Snmp : Network Management

Mike Stuczynski

Professor Ellis

English 102

25 June 1996

CMIP vs. SNMP : Network Management

Imagine yourself as a network administrator, in charge of a 2000 end user network.

This network reaches from California to NY, plus some branches over seas. In

this situation, anything can, and generally does fail, but it will be your job as a

system administrator to resolve the condition with it arises as fast as possible. The

last thing you'll want is normally for your boss to contact you up, requesting why you haven't performed

anything to repair the 2 major systems which may have been down for a number of hours. How do

you make clear to him that you didn't even understand about any of it? Would you actually want to tell

him that? So nowadays, photo yourself in the same circumstances, only this time around, you were

using a network monitoring program. Near a sizable screen displaying a

map of

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