A Biography of Anne Boleyn and Her Matrimony to Henry VIII

A Biography of Anne Boleyn and Her Matrimony to Henry VIII

The Death of Anne Boleyn

Anne Boleyn s matrimony to Henry VIII was an evident failure. The thing that happy him was the birth of a man heir. Despite her work, Anne Boleyn didn't bear a son, therefore leading to her tragic execution. The story of situations before the execution of Anne Boleyn shows the ignorance of the days and the cruel characteristics of Henry VIII.

During Henry VIII s relationship to Catherine of Aragon, it had been well known that he previously many mistresses. He previously grown sick and tired of the marriage that didn't produce a man heir, and he was buying a way out. One of is own mistresses was Anne Boleyn, a lovely young woman that been in Catherine Aragon s courtroom. From 1527, Henry VIII wanted a very important factor most of all from the Pope--a discharge from the marriage that could no longer provide him an heir and freedom to marry his previous mistress sister, the small Anne Boleyn (Bindoff 84). More vital that you the King was the actual fact that early in 1533 it had been known that Anne was carrying his kid. Delay could not end up being allowed. For the legitimacy of the hoped-for heir, it could not subject whether Henry and Anne had married before or following the conception of the kid given that their union have been regularized prior to the child was created. Therefore, events had been hurried on (Woodward 11).

On May 23 the Archbishop Thomas Cranmer pronounced the relationship null from the beginning. Five days afterwards its successor was declared lawful, and on June

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