A Evaluation Between of Organisms in various Microhabitats

A Evaluation Between of Organisms in various Microhabitats

Comparison Of Organisms IN VARIOUS Microhabitats

A Comparison of Organisms in various Microhabitats

Jessica Hilkey

Meeker High School, Meeker, CO 81641

Abstract: On September 12 we began a long-term analysis of the foothills area north of the Meeker SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL. We evaluated different organisms in numerous microhabitats, and studied to look at if the habitats were significantly different. Our bottom line was that there is not a significant difference between the several habitats.


September 12, 2000 and several additional mornings in September we ventured out to the North Ridge, north of Meeker SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL. We asked what organisms resided in the various microhabitats and if the habitats differed in species composition. Our hypothesis was that there will be a difference between habitats. The prior study upon this area was the analysis that we do on the vegetation go over of the east and the west slopes of the North Ridge. In this review we discovered that there is more vegetation covers on the west slope of the North ridge than on the east slope. In the present review we evaluated five numerous habitats: sage, oak, pinyon juniper, creek, and disturbed habitats. The sage habitat includes a large amount of bushes and sage developing in it. The oak has got some symptoms of deer and includes many vegetation. The pinyon juniper habitat involves signs of mule deer and different sorts of bushes. The creek location includes signs of different pets such as for example mule deer, cottontail rabbits and red

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