An Evaluation of Camillo Sbarbaros Poem EVEN WHEN YOU Werent My Father

An Examination of Camillo Sbarbaro's Poem EVEN THOUGH YOU Weren't My Father

This poem has a excellent feeling mounted on it. Even while I read the first of all stanza, the speaker appears to become a nice person. He / she trusts her father, regardless if he were a complete stranger. It is as though the speaker includes a special link with him. He links with them and plays with them, merely as a daddy would. The speaker recollects all these memories of his / her dad and tells them at length. This reminds me of the partnership between a brother and a sister, or family. They fool about, joke around, even become a family. In the previous stanza, the speaker repeats the term “father, even if you weren’t my father” because I believe the speaker seems that he isn’t their father for some reason. I think the entire theme is to love and value others, regardless if they aren’t your relatives or in your area. Another theme is to live life since it is. This is shown in the next stanza as the daddy fools around with the speaker’s little sister and she shrieked in fear. It really is as if it is the first-time the father did this. The central communication is to look after those you have thoughts for. This doesn’t just apply for family, also for close friends aswell. This is exactly what the whole poemtalks about. The partnership between the father

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