An Evaluation of the Medias Perception on the American Indication Language

An Research of the Media's Perception on the American Signal Language

ASL in the Media

‘Sign Language isn't a Performance Art’ is normally a commentary which focuses how the media chooses to check out ASL and the Deaf community. The article, compiled by Caroline Solomon and Jeffrey Archer Miller in early on 2014, discusses past popularized events with ASL and the way the media handled those scenarios, obviously showing the demeaning ways the Deaf population was cared for. Solomon and Miller, who happen to be both Deaf, were surprised whenever a competent interpreter received consequently much interest after Michael Bloomberg’s press meeting regarding hurricane Sandy. The interpreter, Lydia Callis, received compliment and recognition from multiple information channels and mags. Solomon and Miller assumed that unusual interest in indication language shown by the mass media would soon pass. Nonetheless they were wrong.


article continues on to list a great many other occurrences when the press focused

on ASL, and occasionally puts the Deaf

community in a terrible or degrading light, certainly unintentionally. All

of the promises the authors make are incredibly valid. The media plainly does

not show the Deaf

community in an excellent light, and it proceeds to reinforce stereotypes

that are not kind nor will be they true. Nonetheless it may be the last couple

of lines which captured my attention. Towards the finish it simply

restates the subject, that ASL shouldn't be seen as a performance

are, and in so doing the media just degrades the Deaf

community. Possibly the authors didn't quite recognize that this

could possibly be interpreted in several different ways because of how they

stated it. The subject too is quite misleading, because from what I've


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