Accounting Information Systems 2

AQ 1 . one particular

Meet the description in the correct column with all the information characteristic in the left column. |1. Relevant |f. An accounts receivable ageing report used in credit approving decisions | |2. Dependable |e. A report checked by 3 differing people for reliability | |3. Complete |d. An accounts receivable maturing report that included every customer accounts | |4. Timely |g. An accounts receivable the aging process report was received prior to credit manager had to produce a | | |decision whether to extend customer credit | |5. Understandable |a. The survey was thoroughly designed in order that the data covered on the report became | | |information to the visitor | |6. Verifiable |c. The data on the report was checked simply by two man or women working individually | |7. Accessible |b. The administrator was functioning one weekend and necessary to find several information about production | | |requests for a certain client. He was able to find the report on the business network.

AQ 1 ) 2

|Quality |Inquiry |Daily |Monthly | |Understandable |User can control format. |User may not be capable of controlling format|User might not be able to control | | |Therefore, most understandable. |because studies are meant for a large |format because reports are meant for | | | |spectrum of users. |a extensive spectrum of users. | |Relevance |Information may be personalized for |Information may be intended for a |Information may be designed for a | | |the user. Consequently , most |number of users. |number of users. | | |relevant. | | | |Timeliness |Most timely i. electronic. on-demand report. |Second many timely since need to hold out |May not really be well-timed for some decisions | | | |for end of day. |since need to await end of month. | |Reliable |Lack of knowledge on right |Feedbacks from a variety of report |Feedbacks from a variety of report| | |database what to generate |users reduce problem rate. |users reduce problem rate. | | |appropriate report e. g. | | | | |recommended retail value versus | | | | |sale price. | | | |Verifiable |Information may not had been |Feedbacks from a wide range of record |Feedbacks via a wide range of report| | |checked for verifiability or |users reduce problem rate. |users reduce problem rate. | | |accuracy. | | | |Completeness |Least total – rely upon |Average completeness - depend on |Most finish - depend on frequency | |...



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