Action: Obstacle to Result


Exploration II

Action: The action in this field is that I need her to step back over the line since she has to understand it's the right thing to do this, and she has the only one certainly not listening/breaking the principles. I want her to feel some compassion for me and this I might lose my work, or have other bad points happen, and I want her to understand that she must get back over, before I actually get screwed over.

Hurdle: The obstacle is that she doesn't want to abide by my authority, and your woman wants me personally to leave so she can deface the statue, she'll manipulate me to get her way.

Tactics: The character uses what this individual thinks is definitely his specialist as someone who works there at first, when that doesn't operate, he converts his technique to try to help to make her feel sorry for him as he contains a second job and can have stuck publishing a report, this individual also makes some jokes in order to make her feel he is friendly, the girl should take a step back.

Arc: This individual changes his action, this individual wants her to keep, but when he finds she won't, and her effective view on artwork, he ends up just seeking her quantity, and pretends ignorance.

Customization: I relate with my personality in that inside my past I use sometimes experienced awkward and shy when ever talking to persons, especially girls. I felt like I was making a trick of personally when I could talk to all of them. I can also connect in the fact that we really don't need to get into difficulties specifically after i was functioning last summertime, I got a bit into difficulties for speaking with a friend who had ceased by when my manager was at lunch break. She entered the back with me for a tiny because I had developed to grab a thing for her and she had not been supposed to be generally there during working hours. I managed to get into just a little bit of difficulty, but is actually not a thing that makes you look or feel great. It gives the feeling of anxiety about getting captured doing something wrong. I abhor getting into trouble for things, and I personally would be scared of getting in difficulties or terminated in the scene's situation. I don't like...



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