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In a classic Shakespeare play, Julius Caesar, Antony and Brutus go toe-to-toe at Caesar's funeral. Though, to Brutus's dismay Antony's speech was better.

To begin, Brutus's speech was formal and even more directed to the Romans. In his introduction this individual starts with " Romans, countrymen, and lovers! ” It was used to sign up for everyone together and later support him warrant Caesar's loss of life. Throughout the text message he describes Caesar since an " ambitious” gentleman. Calling Caesar ambitious can make it seem that Caesar just thought about himself.

For the hand, Antony's speech was more personal and cynical. In unlike Brutus this individual opens his speech with " Good friends, Romans, countrymen…”. This sets up his after statements to be Caesar's friend. Throughout his speech, this individual uses paralipsis and duplication to stick at Brutus but simultaneously save Caesar's reputation.

Specifically, Antony repeatedly applied the word " honorable” to describe Brutus. The effect of this was that he was contradicting Brutus's conversation. A paralipsis is a system used to attract attention to anything while declaring to pass it over. There are two examples of that one is " I come to hide Caesar, not to praise him. ” Nevertheless throughout the speech he good remarks Caesar and what he as done. Another example is " I speak not to disprove what Brutus spoke, But here I am to speak what I can say for certain. ”, even though he discussions good about Caesar and what he has done pertaining to Rome, in contrary to what Brutus stated.

While comparing both speeches I have found that Antony's speech was more powerful. He made take into account contrast what Brutus stated in his speech about Caesar. He says that Brutus was wrong, and he put a new " spin " on it. For instance, Brutus says " Got you rather Caesar was living and die all slaves…” which has been countered by Antony. It was countered simply by Antony saying that Caesar sensed deeply intended for his people and that he was obviously a very humble kindhearted person.

Throughout Antony's conversation he uses devices, strategies, and his compassion...



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