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For were often advised that the characteristics of Our god is a unknown which transcends human understanding……. then he must also acknowledge that he's bound to discuss nonsense when he describes this

A) Clarify the argument and interpretation with the passage (30marks) B) Do you agree with the ideas portrayed? Justify the point of view and discuss the implications for understanding faith and individual experience (20marks)

AJ Antiguamente was a part of the Vienna Circle, several logical positivist philosophers who were influenced by writings of Ludwig Wittgenstein. They developed a theory based on the Verification Principles. Anthony Travelled claimed that religious claims are worthless because there is absolutely nothing that can count number against all of them, using the Pourriture Principle this individual maintained that the claim ‘there is a God' is useless because spiritual people creating this claim will not accept any type of evidence that may count from this. He uses the analogy of a novel reader to assert that believers are often therefore convinced of their ‘truth' that they refuse consider any evidence that Goodness doesn't are present. Which is why you are able to that religious language ‘dies a loss of life of a thousand qualifications'.

Antiguamente claims in the work there is general understanding amongst philosophers that the lifestyle of a transcendent being whom we credit as ‘God' can not be confirmed or that there is even any way to demonstrate his lifestyle to be potential. To state the regularity on planet points to a God is, according to Ayer, exactly like saying that there may be requisite frequency in the world. A spiritual person might argue that The almighty is a transcendent being whom makes himself known through certain empirical manifestations. This implies the The almighty is a metaphysical term and since metaphysical term is none true nor false, the sentence is without literal significance.

The majority of Ayers argument is that inevitably, talk of God is definitely meaningless. This is certainly supported by the passage mainly because it focuses on ‘what is unintelligible'. The passage, in a basic form is the fact, theists frequently cant , nor believe that they can describe The almighty, which suggests that the concept of The almighty is worthless. ‘God' transcends nature and is mysterious to us human beings. But in respect to Ayer, transcending individual understanding amounts to becoming unintelligible because no explanation can meaningfully be given. A few may believe God may be known through faith without a necessary reason. This means that we cannot totally define Goodness or even completely understand the idea of him, which Ayer says a large number of theists may well agree with. Ayer states that if the marvel cannot speak their encounter, then ‘he is bound to speak nonsense '. However just because something is certainly not understood does not mean that is definitely nonsensical, by way of example just because a kid, or even a grownup, doesn't appreciate a complex numerical or scientific theory, won't mean that that looses almost all meaning, for that reason becoming useless. It just ensures that not all human beings are inclined to figure out said matters. The theory of language games that was proposed by Ludwig Wittgenstein can table argue Ayers claims that all religious speak is worthless. The rules of Wittgenstein game state that one particular community, therefore for instance Ayer would be in a scientific community, cannot judge the significance of the religious community because ‘one form of lifestyle cannot judge another'. Players who usually are involved in the same game/ community don't understand fully other residential areas. So to Antiguamente, the speak about God means nothing to him therefore this individual disregards this as completely meaningless for everyone, but for those who are involved in the faith based games and communities, very low lot of value. The situation is definitely the same once reversed. For instance a believer in the Christian beliefs may see some red wine as being a symbol of Christ's Blood vessels where as the scientific communities would only see can be as just a a glass of wine beverages.

Ayer, with this passage, identifies God as an...



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