As to the extent do you consider Aristophanes uses the relationship between Bdelycleon and Philocleon to generate serious politics and sociable points in "wasps”?

To what extent do you consider Aristophanes uses the relationship between Bdelycleon and Philocleon for making serious personal and social points in " wasps”? Aristophanes uses Bdelycleons and Philocleons romance to show the in political influence in accordance to class. Bdelycleon is usually younger as well as being an prestige citizen and against Cleon. Bdelycleon was the voice of Aristophanes. Philocleon is a well used warrior, and it is considered old-fashioned and lower class although supports Cleon. Philocleon is the voice from the people. In the wasps, Aristophanes presents Cleon as the " awful guy” as well as accuses him of being a demagogue. He can heavily belittled throughout the play, albeit through satire. Simply by swaying the group towards this opinion of Cleon, they will see Bdelycleon as being " in the right” that is; having the correct political opinions. Through accomplishing this Aristophanes merges the individuals voice with Bdelycleons. He also will not patronize the group, he honestly wants to make them, and Bdelycleon is rather patient towards these people when showing that their errors for supporting Cleon. Through Bdelycleon staying the voice of knowledge and of reason we are led to believe upper class citizens will make better, more informed political decisions. Philocleon is relatable to the majority of the Athenian market as he has the same thoughts as them (expressed in his conversation in web pages 28-31). This individual feels this individual has been misguided by Cleon, after having his eyes opened he sees that the man is corrupt and unfit to rule. Yet , he requires this mentioned to him by somebody younger associated with higher status. Philocleon is a huge supporter of Cleon and his policies in the beginning of the play, as had been many Athenians, and so pertaining to his kid to support him in his change from ally to loather makes the viewers feel they can be being looked after rather than feeling stupid. Aristophanes uses these types of characters very cleverly to vary the thoughts of the target audience and this is where his...



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