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How can Bennet us comedy to show his ideas about lovemaking relationships? The history Boys is known as a comedy play based on several intelligent and funny sixth-form boys inside the 1980's. The boys find themselves in different sitations, whether it's to do with love, heartbreak or heir further education and their upcoming. These scenarios that they are facing, contribute u he humur the play. In the beginning in the play, were introduced to one of he young boys teachers, Mr Hector. The partnership between Hector and the kids seems informal and lovemaking as he visits the young boys and permits the males to do a lesson based in a spanish brotherl within their French lesson. By the 1980's corporal consequence had been removed. This shows Hector while an old fashioned teacher, who also still supported punishing learners by hittin them. Otherwise, Hetor strikes the young boys as part of a sexual fascination to he boys, inside the play the boys discuss this. ‘Timms: The reaching never injure it was a joke. ' Rudg: He visitors you if he loves you. 'This emphasizes the sexual relationship between Hector and the young boys as you is advised Hector simply hits the boys if he loves them. One of many boysdkin, goes on to boast, 'I'm black and blue. 'This shows the audience head wear Hecor could possibly be attracted to Dakin the most. We find out this holds true later on in he play where Hector says ‘Dakin's a handsome boy. ' This shows Hector's attraction to the young boys, especially Dakin. his physical attraction that Hecir gas wih this individual boys cnributes ti he comedy in the play as it is not a common or with the play since it is not common or a prevalent relationship. The stle of comedy exactly where Hecor hits the males, is called slapstick. This is where the comedy requires something inside the physical. Bennett purposely does this to make the target audience like he character if perhaps Hector, when he is if she is not ruel for the boys, merely playful. If Hector was caning the boys the audience may have a different approach to Hector. Consequently , the relationship between Hector and the boys might not be as...



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