Biometrics and Privateness



Professor Cox

May well 26, 2014


Together with the overwhelming growth of technologies today, it is understandable why there is also such an increasing concern of keeping individual personal privacy and how it can be being occupied by selected forms of biometrics. The objective of biometrics is not necessarily to purposely invade individual privacy and use the info for reasons other than designed, but rather to aid in confirming an individual's personality, or authenticate that person's identity. Yet , there are undoubtedly threats that are included with using biometrics by individuals who are interested in obtaining another persons private and confidential information for their personal use and gain. It is necessary for businesses to ensure that the data collect by their chosen method of biometrics only collects the mandatory information on persons.

Biometrics and Privacy

This daily news will go over biometrics plus the concerns that individuals have regarding their level of privacy. People are likely to resist biometrics as a approach to identification because of their concerns that their personal privacy will be occupied or opinion that the technology is too invasive on their personal lives. In this paper, some of the current privacy problems associated with biometrics will probably be discussed. A few of the mechanisms that can mitigate these types of problems and concerns will be identified. Additionally , some techniques of biometrics that could not discuss with undue resistance from potential users will probably be recommended to my manager to replace password-based access controls. This paper is intended to provide the reader with an overview of biometrics and to also addresses the affiliated privacy worries. There are many issues by people who using biometrics is too distressing into their privacy. Biometrics is used by companies to assist authenticate a user's personality. As stated in Data when you need it,...



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