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Basic Appraisal Techniques

In order to implement the many techniques mentioned in this course, the students should be able to determine the numerical relation between economic parameters that make up the various functions employed in economicsdemand features, production capabilities, cost functions, and others.

For example , a manager frequently must determine the total cost of producing different levels of result. As you sees later, the relation between total cost (C) and quantity (Q) can be particular as


where a, m, c, and d are the parameters of the cost equation. Guidelines are rapport in an formula that determine the exact mathematical relation among the list of variables inside the equation.

Once the statistical values in the parameters will be determined, the manager in that case knows the quantitative connection between result and total cost. For example , suppose the values of the parameters off the cost equation will be determined to become a = one particular, 262, w = 1 ) 0, c = 0. 03, and d = 0. 005. The cost formula can now be stated as:

This equation can now be used to compute the total expense of producing different levels of result.

In the event that, for example , the manager desires to produce 30 units of output, the overall cost can be calculated as

equal to:

The process of finding estimates of the statistical values from the parameters of the equation is known as parameter estimation.


However are several tips for estimating guidelines,

the values with the parameters are usually obtained through a technique named regression research.

Regression analysis uses data about economic factors to determine a mathematical equation that details the relation between the economic variables.

Regression research involves equally:

1 . the estimation of parameter ideals and

2 . testing pertaining to statistical value.

In this notes plus the notes that will follow, our company is not as much considering your the actual ways the many statistics happen to be calculated, even as are within your knowing how these types of statistics can be interpreted and used.


Regression research is a technique applied to determine the numerical relation between a centered variable and one or more informative variables.

The informative variables (independent variables) would be the economic variables that are although to affect the value of the dependent varying.

In the simple geradlinig regression model, the based mostly variable Sumado a is related to only one explanatory changing X, and the relation among Y and X is definitely linear:

This can be the equation for any straight line, with By plotted over the horizontal axis and Sumado a along the top to bottom axis.

The parameter a is known as the intercept parameter since it gives the value of Y at the point where the regression line passes across the Y axis. (X is comparable to zero at this point. )

The variable b is named the incline parameter because it gives the slope of the regression line.

The incline of a collection measures the interest rate of change in Y since X alterations (AY/AX); hence, it is the difference in Y every unit change in X.

The simple regression model will be based upon a thready relation between Y and X, mostly because estimating the guidelines of a linear model is relatively simple statistically. Assuming a linear connection is not really overly limited. For one thing, various variables are actually linearly related or very nearly linearly related.

For those circumstances where Con and Times are rather related within a curvilinear vogue, you will see that a basic transformation with the variables frequently makes it possible to model nonlinear relations within the framework of the thready regression version.

A Hypothetical Regression Model

To illustrate the easy regression version, consider a statistical problem facing the Polk Travel...



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