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Britain Education Program in Comparison Context

Kirstine Hansen and Anna Vignoles 1

1 ) 1 Intro

This Chapter describes the main element features of the United Kingdom's education system2 and spots the system within an international relative context. All of us identify parts of strength and weakness in the system, in accordance with other countries, and raise a host of important questions and issues that are addressed in more detail in later Chapters. Here we highlight in which the relative strengths and weaknesses of the UK education system might place us at a specific advantage or disadvantage financially. Of course to achieve this we have to choose certain aspects of the UK education system to assess, and we we all also have to discover a group of countries against which we produce comparisons. Although the comparator countries are generally determined by info availability, you are always ready to accept the accusations that there is subjectivity in the number of both the educational indicators all of us use plus the choice of comparator countries. For example , we do not incorporate some significant Asian economies in our examination (Ashton ainsi que al. (1999)). We only note this kind of as the main methodological problems inherent in international evaluations of this nature and point you to the sizeable books on this issue ().

The structure with the Chapter can be as follows. This begins simply by discussing the main features of UK education program, including recent major reconstructs and source allocation issues. It then procedes analyze the way the outputs from your UK education system match up against the results from the education systems of other countries. In particular, we have a discussion of the relative effectiveness of the outputs from the system in comparison with other countries, when it comes to cost effectiveness and impact on the labour market. Lastly, a lot of conclusions, using a mind to what follows in the remainder from the book, are available.

1 . 2 Main Highlights of the UK Education System

Through the post-war period, there have been a large number of attempts to reform the UK education system and generate it even more productive. The list of reconstructs that have been tried over the last 50 years is quite considerable, and recently the UK (and in particular Great britain and Wales) has been around the leading edge with the worldwide crusade for better standards in education.

Great britain spends fairly little in education as compared to other OECD countries (4. 9% of GDP in 2002 in comparison with an OECD mean of 5. 7%). However , the reform connection with the UK education system is of broader curiosity to policymakers and analysts from other countries. For instance , as in a number of other countries there has been a push to expand post compulsory participation in education, particularly in terms of accelerating participation in higher education. However , perhaps the the majority of striking you

We are pleased for the extensive comments and direction provided by Mentor Richard Layard. Where likely we discuss the United Kingdom. Visitors should be aware that the education program in Scotland is quite unique from the remaining UK and far of the debate applies typically to England and Wales.


new reform (in England and Wales in particular) is the fact parents include increasingly been given much more decision in terms of the schooling of their children, and schools have been completely forced to be a little more accountable. The two trends are discussed, just before moving on to consider various other facets of great britain education system, such as the role of the non-public sector, the provision of vocational education and mature learning. 1 . 2 . you Widening Get

Many 20th Century reforms to the UK education system have been built to widen usage of what has historically recently been thought of as a very elitist system. School charges for general students had been abolished in 1918, even though the vast majority of students continued to leave school by 14 (the compulsory school leaving era at that time). Post-war, reacting to the requirement for a more educated work force, the school...



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