Business Rules and Individual bankruptcy: Assignment

WEB PAGE LINK " http://nationalparalegal.edu/Students/AssignmentsExams.aspx" Assignments & Exams Course:  Business Law & Bankruptcy: PLG-105-1405 Assignment:  Assignment 1 (based on classes 1 and 2) Sandra Vendor wants to type a corporation. She has a thriving business through which she will buy cheap rings and then re-sells it in her store at an amazing profit. Your woman needs additional cash right now to buy a fresh store and she does not want to risk her personal property by taking out a loan. Therefore , Sandra has decided to kind a corporation. Sandra would like to sell off shares of her organization to any individual who is happy to invest in her company, but she desires to limit the whole number of stocks issued to 100 stocks and shares, as she doesn't want too many people to own the company or to make ownership of her corporation extremely complex. Sandra's residence is usually 123 Main St ., New City, New Tudor. Her store is situated in downtown Tudorville, in the state of Tudorama. She would such as this corporation to get formed at the earliest possible time. � Initially, please draft Sandra's license of use. You may get a template from where to do so simply by searching the world wide web for one. You could use a form from virtually any state you choose, though we all recommend employing one from your own home state. Second, and more important, please draft a short letter to Sandra advising her in terms of that which immediate problems she should consider before actually going through with the want to form a company. You do not need to advise her about various other business forms, but you ought to discuss concerns such as that will manage the corporation, which paperwork need to be prepared and submitted, applicable costs, etc . Data regarding charges and the like that cannot be present in the courseware should be found online.



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