Cal Condition Fullerton Ethic Questions

п»ї1/ Please look at the following text reproduced coming from Neil Postman's Amusing Ourself to Fatality (New York: Penguin, 85. 127-128): The television commercial is considered the most peculiar and pervasive kind of communication to issue forth from the electric plug. The move away from the use of selections in business advertising started at the end with the nineteenth century. But it has not been until the fifties that the television set commercial built linguistic discourse obsolete because the basis intended for product decisions. By replacing images intended for claims, the pictorial commercial made emotional appeal, not tests of truth, the foundation for consumer decisions. Which in turn of the next is not just a plagiarized type of the over? Select a single:

a. Tv set commercials have made language obselete as a basis for making decisions about products. The pictorial commercial offers substituted images for claims and thereby made emotional appeal, instead of tests of truth, the foundation for client decisions. b. Postman states that television commercials will not use language or " tests of truth" to assist viewers make a decision whether to obtain a product. Rather, they rely on images to develop an mental appeal that influences customers' decisions (Postman, 1985: 127-128). Correct c. The television commercial is a bad thing. The move away from the use of offrande in industrial advertising started out at the end from the nineteenth century. But it was not until the 50s that the tv commercial made linguistic task obsolete since the basis for product decisions. By replacing images for claims, the pictorial industrial made psychological appeal, certainly not tests of truth, the basis for customer decisions. (Neil Postman, 1985). d. All the above paragraphs are plagiarized.

2/ Data that is paraphrased from any source (book, Internet, journal, etc . ) should be mentioned by a. Accurate. Academic honesty requires that we use quote marks to get paraphrased material. b. Phony. The material, however , must be attributed appropriately. quotation marks. 3/ It is academic dishonesty for making up data to fill in the gaps to finish an job if most of the information employed in the project is true. Choose one:

a. True

b. Fake

4/ You need to complete 20 hours of community services as a part of your grade within a psychology school. You do 17 hours and then acquired sick towards the end of the term so you just wrote straight down 3 extra hours on your own last period sheet. This is certainly academic dishonesty. Select one:

a. Accurate

b. False

5/ When writing a paper, sources not quoted verbatim need only end up being listed on the reference list at the end in the paper. Choose one:

a. True. Providing you do not directly copy passages from an additional source, you simply need to accept the source being a reference towards the end of your paper. b. False. Every time you discover another person's idea, even if you are generally not quoting verbatim, you need to consider the source directly. The source must also be referenced at the end with the paper. Right 6/ The final exam within your class is known as a take-home test. The professor's instructions state that you may only consult the following resources: selection books, class notes, texts and the mentor. You and your roommate discussed one of the questions, but you wrote your personal answer. This is academic chicanery. Select 1:

a. Accurate

b. False

7/ The Leader of College students Office, Legislativo Affairs shall initiate disciplinary proceedings when ever two or more situations involving the same student (reported in the educational dishonesty file) occur. Select one:

a. True

b. Bogus

8/ The instructor potential foods that you have recently been academically fraudulent but will not have resistant that you have in fact been dishonest. In this case, the instructor can statement the matter for the Dean of Students Workplace, Judicial Affairs who can place your name in to the Academic Duplicity File. If there is another negative report against you in the same or another instructor, the Dean of Students Office, Judicial...



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