Cardiovascular Risk Among Several Relegions

TITLE: A study on affect of socio-cultural and faith based factors on cardio-vascular risk among ischemic heart sufferers in Dad Muller Hospital, Mangalore. LAUNCH: Cardiovascular diseases are getting to be the major reason behind morbidity and mortality in many of the producing countries which include India. Heart problems (CVD) encompasses a number of diagnostic category, including coronary heart diseases, hypertension and cerebral vascular accidents. Common risk factors of cardiovascular diseases happen to be older age bracket, being man, family history of ischemic heart disease, cigarette smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol amounts, sedentary lifestyle, excess weight, diabetes, etc . Along with these types of fixed risk factors, other behavioral and lifestyle related factors, typically modifiable, are also related to advancement cardiovascular diseases. An ideal way to reduce the incidence of cardiovascular diseases is definitely through populace based preventive measures along with a danger treatment approach. The need of the hour is to design a report for population based testing of risk factors pertaining to CVD. This will help to in mounting appropriative preventive steps. Comparisons among coronary risk factors and coronary heart conditions prevalence among different made use of and socio-cultural backgrounds have not been sufficiently studied. Through this study we aim to associate the position of socio-cultural and faith based risk elements in the situations of development of heart diseases. India is a diverse country with different religious and social backgrounds. Persons from these different backgrounds tend to differ greatly in their diet and other life-style patterns. The present study efforts to enhance the understanding of romance of various faith based and socio-cultural practices upon cardiovascular wellness. OBJECTIVES: The primary objective of the study is to correlate the role of socio-cultural and religious risk factors on coronary heart disease amongst patients having a confirmed medical diagnosis on ischemic...



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