Caylee Anthony Case

The Caylee Anthony Case

In July 12-15, 2008, two year old Caylee Anthony was reported missing by simply her granny, Cindy Anthony. Cindy notified the emmergency 911 operator following realizing the lady had not noticed the girl in a month. Casey Anthony, Caylee's mom, gave police several different causes of the girl's disappearance, like the story that the girl was kidnapped with a babysitter. About December eleven, 2008, Caylee's remains were found in a Florida swamp near the Anthony home. Duct tape discovered with the human body, the scent analysis carried out on Casey's car trunk area, a human locks found in the trunk, and the lies Casey told law enforcement officials in an attempt to clarify her kid's disappearance led to Casey Anthony being tried pertaining to the initially degree tough, aggravated drug trafficking of a kid, aggravated kid abuse, and 4 counts of providing false information to law enforcement. Even though the court just found Casey guilty of offering false details to police force, she was also accountable for the first degree murder of her child.

When it was discovered, Caylee's body system was in a sophisticated state of decomposition, generally a bones, due to surface area exposure and from getting dragged a part by wildlife (Duell and Goddard). The entire body was therefore decayed a perfect cause of death could not be determined. There was no signs of trauma for the bones which limits just how Caylee could have died. The two leading choices are asphyxiation (the prosecution's contention) and drowning (the defense's assertion). The suffocation argument is definitely supported by the duct strapping found somewhat attached to Caylee's skull. In court, the prosecution stated the duct tape was used as the murder system. To back up this claim, the prosecution offered an cartoon in which the duct tape was superimposed by using an image of Caylee. This proven how the strapping could, simply by covering the child's mouth and nasal tooth cavity, cause asphyxiation. Evidence assisting this theory is that the mandible was discovered still attached to the skull by hair matting. When a body system has come to Caylee's point out of decomposition the mandible has usually rotted away from the skull. It was especially unexpected to find the mandible still attached in this surface discovery. In trial, Dr . Gary Utz, a Chief Deputy Medical Examiner, spoken that a cushion of hair on the head and flower roots gaining the sparring floor helped contain the mandible in position (" Casey Anthony Falls Sick After Caylee Skull Pics Shown”). Yet , something were required to hold the mandible in place whilst this mat created. The prosecution asserts that the was done by the duct tape. Dr . John Schultz, a College or university of Central Florida professor devoted to biological anthropology and forensics, believed the duct mp3 was attached across the oral cavity and …based on the placement of the tape and mandible, it can be inferred that the mandible remained inside the position because the tape held it set up prior to the curly hair forming into the mat on the base of the skull. (" Casey Anthony: Difficult the Duct Tape”) Experienced testimony for that reason was that the duct mp3 was mounted on Caylee's physique at the time of burial. The same model of duct recording was found on a gas can with the Anthony family house (" Casey anthony murder Falls Unwell After Caylee Skull Pictures Shown”). As a result of skeletal is still, it is hard to look for the exact situation of the strapping. The security presented its own forensic presentation. Dr . Werner Spitz, a forensic scientist who has contributed expert judgment in several instances including the O. J Simpson trial, is convinced the tape was attached with the body following the skin and muscle decomposed. He stated that the tape was positioned there to support the decomposing mandible in place (" Caylee Anthony's Autopsy Was ‘Shoddy'”). Another theory is the mandible remained attached to the body system long enough intended for the pad to form since the skull occured in place by the swamp muck in which Caylee was left. But , in the event the muck was indeed in charge of the mandible still being...

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