Juvenile Criminal offenses Statistics

Juvenile Criminal offense Statistics

William Scott Bennett


September 24, 2012

LeDetra C. Jones

Teen Arrests 2008

Data is definitely collected legally enforcement firms within the Us and posted to the Government Bureau of Investigations pertaining to tracking purposes. These numbers are used simply by analysts at the FBI to point trends in crime and also to possibly develop alternative policing methods. A statistician can easily manipulate amounts to show the actual feel is relevant, but besides just being numbers in a spreadsheet that allows law enforcement forces to determine the trends inside their respective neighborhoods. According to Puzzanchera (2009) " In 2008, police agencies in america made approximately 2 . 14 million busts of persons younger than age 18” (p. 1). The record from the Office of Child Justice and Delinquency Avoidance of the U. S. Doj shows that total there is a down trend between juvenile offenders during the year 08. Overall Decrease

While looking for a 9 years duration of stats it is obvious that teen arrests have got decreased. The information used in the report indicated a down progress in juvenile arrests, showing a decline of 3% in overall teen arrests from 2007 to 2008 (Puzzanchera, 2009). Throughout the study period it is clear to see that certain things have elevated to include the rise in drug offense by juveniles along with an increase in juveniles being busted for straightforward assault. Increase in Drug Offenses

The noticeable increase in drug related offenses may be owing to the increase in availability of the drugs. In Colorado cannabis was legalized for healing purposes and suddenly became a popular medicine with minors in schools, as it was readily available at the house from father and mother or adults that have a legitimate prescription. This has led to many students getting prosecuted pertaining to both possession and syndication within universities. Increase in Simple Assaults

While juvenile arrests have...

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