Day care Level three or more

1 ) 1Explain how to recognise and make on the strengths of a kid or boy or girl by giving several examples of positive strategies. Circle time enables children to build listening and attention abilities and it allows a moment in the working day where kids can speak with one another. This plan is to present supported communication, allowing kids to talk about their particular interests. Simply by asking open-ended questions we could encourage interaction. Carrying out observations on kids allows us to get acquainted with the child and what their strengths and interests are; it helps to plan and evaluates to obtain the strategy which will work best for your child. When talking to a young child we work with language which a child can understand, this can be done in the setting every day. Expanding a child's terminology can be done simply by starting with straightforward words like ball talking about an object then simply expanding this like yellow-colored ball, big ball often making sure that the same vocabulary is used by almost all carers and practitioners. Changing the environment to assist children with speech and language requires can be done by utilizing visual symptoms that kids can understand, like labelling the home part and the book corner. Employing routine and structure in the setting with a collection time for group time, clear away time and dinner time this will also provide a child having a sense of security. When using positive communication methods we could build a children's interaction abilities, self-esteem and confidence. Constantly make eye contact with the kid when talking to them and permit the child to end what they are stating, helping a kid to learn to talk positively, we have to always make an effort to say some thing positive even if the child includes a made blunder. We should always praise the child for their work or good behaviour; this will help the child to boost their self-pride and self-confidence. To help the child's attention and focus span we might have memory space games, where child has to match to cards together with the same...



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