Childcare Nvq 2

Ines Fleur Norton

26, Link Court, Stanley Road,

Harrow Middlesex HA2 8FB


[email protected] com


I am a great woman have real profit work on my initiative. I've 6 years experience in Providing and Customer care. I was a hard working individual, dependable, quick learner and dependable.


COMPANYCase is usually AlteredDATES 1999

JOB SUBJECT Kitchen Associate

Responsible for:

• Making sandwiches

• cleaning

• Cleansing pots and cutlery

• Preparing salads

COMPANY Costa Coffee TIME 1999 -00

JOB TITLECustomer Service Helper

Responsible for:

• Making caffeine and tea

• Advertising of coffee brewers

• Preparing sandwiches

• Cashing up

• Daily news work

• cleaning

• stock currently taking

• positioning orders

• checking delivery

COMPANYGEM Visit DATES 2000 Apr -- Aug

TASK TITLE Wedding caterers and Workplace Junior

Accountable for:

• providing food

• preparing mild snacks

• cleaning

• sorting mails, answering phone and wrap stuffing

FIRM Bowden Residence ClinicDATES 2k Aug-Nov

WORK TITLECatering Associate

Responsible for:

• making sure dining lounge is usually ready for service

• light cleaning

• sorting out the meals orders

• serving foodstuff

COMPANY RAF Bentley DATE 2000 Nov 2001

TASK TITLEStewardess

Responsible for:

• serving food, tidying up living area and silver precious metal service by Functions • cover Club area providing drinks and taking foodstuff orders • Cover Reception taking space booking and dealing with Officer's demands

FIRM RAF Northolt DATES 2001-feb 02

TASK TITLE Stewardess

Responsible for:

• Weddings, private parties and Mess features

• Providing all foods

• Washing

• Masking bar operate and weed wash at time.




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