Concept Comparison


Concept Assessment and Evaluation across Theories and newspaper

John Thorpe


May possibly 12, 2013

Dr . Roboam Aguirre

Concept Comparison and Analysis throughout Theories

A career in nursing has made a few remarkable success during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, that has led to the recognition of breastfeeding as an academic self-discipline. The push toward a theory- structured practice has shifted the focus from the business view of nursing into a more significant and organized job. As such, the ability and practice of medical is inlayed and guided by the theoretical framework of the profession. Ideas also give direction and purpose towards the nursing profession, and they are designed to improve nursing care and education, and to provide a basis for practice. A theory is a good idea recommended to clarify a phenomenon, interprets statement, defines relationships, and project outcome (Parker & Smith, 2010). The theories of nursing can be categorize in three areas: (a) grand nursing hypotheses, which gives abroad perspective for the goals and structure of nursing not meant to be conveniently grasp or tested, (b) middle selection theories, is made up of fewer idea, and associations are more appropriate to medical practice (c) practice level theories, which has more direct impact on medical practice than more summary theories. Mid-range theories are easily comprehended and appropriate to the daily practice of nursing. Intended for the reasons of this job, the core concepts of two midsection range contemporary nursing theories will be highlighted and the idea definitions examined. One theory will be discussed along having its application to nursing practice, the theory's concept statement, metaparadigms, philosophies, and conceptual model. Finally, nursing assets, and nursing jobs knowledge via theorists will be included in this daily news to show the contributions to nursing research.

Core Concept

A concept can be described as word or perhaps ideas that provide a mental image to advertise communication about a phenomenon and can be either empirical or abstract experience (Walker & Avant 2011). Key concepts will be the fundamental foundations in the progress theories, consequently; theorists make use of core ideas in the process of theory advancement (George, 2011). The metaparadigm of nursing is composed of 4 main ideas they are; person, health, environment, and breastfeeding (George, 2011). The main concepts from the two modern nursing theories selected will be Leininger's lifestyle care theory, and Kolcaba's comfort theory. These ideas are considered midsection range ideas because they are even more understandable and easier to connect with day-to-day breastfeeding practice and may be used to suggest an intervention. Alternatively, the grand theory is more extensive and offers a construction for managing ideas (Smith & Liehr, 2008). Though health care provides experienced numerous changes over the past decades, the essential principle of nursing, tending to the ill, has not changed. With the addition of evidence-based attention as a result of medical research and extensive exploration by breastfeeding theorists there are additional elements to nursing jobs that nurses have to know and understand to supply excellent care. Unfamiliarity with someone else's culture can cause feelings of fear and insecurity due to differences in belief, values and practices (Leininger (1991). These kinds of theorists see the patient all together and consider care ought to be administered from a holistic procedure. Concept Research

Leininger is the innovator of the transcultural breastfeeding movement in research, education, and practice. The overarching concept of this kind of theory (culture) - based discipline is supposed to serve individuals, communities, establishments, and societies. In the 1950s, while working in a child advice home with troubled kids and their father and mother, she noticed repeated patterns of habit in children that appeared to have a cultural basis. She determined these repeated patterns since...



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