Concerns met by students in whose parents are abroad filipino workers (ofw's)

Chapter 1


In a really literal method, a house is the child's first university. A residence as described by the Webster Dictionary is definitely " where something started and developed ” Consequently , a home is in which a child profits his first exposurte towards the skills, beliefs and behaviour which might enable him to succeed. Most of his accomplishment and success in the school is the fastened directly to the kind of experience arises in a home. A home will never be called a home without its members – the relatives. Family just like home performs an important role to a kid's development. Father and mother together produce a family environment which fosters the development of skills and attitude necessary to obtain in school. On the other hand, children via poor learning at home have only tiny chance of excelling. For the most, the enjoyment and pleasure of personal accomplishment will have recently been place past their reach by a family which failed to provide the required foundation.

In every human being will be certain hard drives. One such travel to learn, for this reason drive, liable parents shoot for a proper education preparing their children for a glowing future. The parents see to it that their children are well prepared for their college experience by creating a learning atmosphere in your home which is a vehicle in fulfilling the inherent need on mental stimulation.

Latest research about families that has been conducted simply by Lynn Scoresby (1987) related that family members whose kids consistently in school has offered a clear photo the kind of friends and family which encourages academic accomplishment.

The characteristics of the families fall under four category namely: 1 ) ) family members communication and information, installment payments on your ) family's style productivity, 3. ) family nurturance and love and 4. ) accomplishment by example. In addition to a awareness of these types of some foundation characteristics which will lead to success in school, parents should be aware some development level of learning changes while person changes....



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