Corporate Revenue in Trinidad and Tobago

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Columbus Marketing communications Trinidad Limited is totally owned by Columbus Sales and marketing communications Inc., an International Business Firm (IBC) incorporated in 2005 under the Businesses Act of Barbados. Columbus Communications Incorporation. is a varied telecommunications organization whose primary operating organization is providing video services‚ high speed access‚ digital telephone and internet system services (retail) and the advancement an undersea fibre optic cable network as well as the sales and rent of the telecom capacity furnished by the network (wholesale). Although a relatively fresh telecommunications player, Columbus Communications Inc. has turned significant inroads during its short history, operating in 21 countries through the entire Caribbean and Latin America. On June 1‚ 2005‚ Columbus Communications Inc. finished the purchase of Trinidad and Tobago Transcable Company Limited. ('CCTT') and renamed the organization Columbus Sales and marketing communications Trinidad Limited, operating within the brand ‘Flow'. Flow is the dominant online video service provider in Trinidad as the purchase by Columbus Communications Incorporation., has grown the base to 125‚000 clients. It is now the single largest video operator in the English-speaking Carribbean. Flow is within year 3 of an extreme 5 yr US$160 mil plant rebuild and program extension capital program. This course of action will see the entire current RF plant reconstructed to 860 MHz. In addition‚ Columbus plans to increase the current network footprint to succeed in the predicted 80‚000 to 100‚000 homes in Trinidad that do not currently have entry to video and internet companies. In September 2006, a new state of the art digital headend was completed and Flow introduced over 75 additional audio and video programs. Flow was also the main element player in transforming the neighborhood broadband sector with the kick off of their Broadband services in Nov 2007. In-may 2008, Stream ended the landline cell phone monopoly with all the launch of its landline...



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