Ecology: Petroleum and Caspian Ocean

Division of oil-gas industry

Oil-gas industry division

Safety in Petroleum Industry”(Ecological Management)


Ecological problems of Kazakhstan.

Done By: Zhenis Seitekov

Checked out By: Bigaliyev Aitkhazha


Almaty 2011


• Introduction

• National environmental issues

• The impact of landfills armed forces space systems and evaluation • Radioactive contamination

• Oil and ecology

• Air pollution

• Aerosol polluting of the environment of the atmosphere

• Summary

• Books


People by ancient moments has an impact on the environment. As a result, this versatile centuries of human activity has left a deep mark on modern ground and vegetation, air and drinking (water) environment and wildlife. Gentleman depletes nonrenewable natural resources and threatens the production of people items that could possibly be renewed. That changes the size of the environment, upon which his physical and mental existence since biological and social trend. Environmental pollution is becoming even more acute, worrying. Barbarous, dangerous attitude with the central departments of normal resources of Kazakhstan led 70-90. towards the environmental catastrophe in the country, take in some regions of the devastating nature. Among the toughest environmental problems may be the radioactive contaminants of the territory of Kazakhstan. Nuclear tests conducted since 1949 in the Semipalatinsk evaluation site led to contamination of vast territories in central and asian Kazakhstan. The has had five landfills, where nuclear checks were executed in the vicinity of the borders is a Chinese Lop Nor test site. The radiation background in Kazakhstan increased as a result of the organization of ozone holes in spacecraft release from the Baikonur. Huge obstacle for Kazakhstan of the radioactive waste. Therefore, UMP Manufacturing plant has amassed about 100, 000 a great deal of waste contaminated with uranium, thorium, and waste storage facility situated in the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk. In Kazakhstan there are only 3 repository to get nuclear waste and they are most located in the aquifer. That seriousness with the problem of radioactive toxic contamination has led to one of the initial laws of sovereign Kazakhstan was the rule of 31. 08. 1991, the banning of tests at the Semipalatinsk test web page. One of the most critical environmental problems of Kazakhstan became the depletion of water resources. Increased consumption of freshwater, primarily to get irrigated agriculture led to salinization and destruction of natural water resources. Particularly devastating was the shallowing of the Aral Sea because of irrational utilization of water Amu Darya and Syr Darya. The sea level dropped by 13 yards, who exposed the seabed turned into a salt wasteland. The gross annual dust hard storms spread the salt on the huge territory of Eurasia. The decrease showcases the sea has resulted in a change in wind course and climatic characteristics in the region. An identical situation is available in Lake Balkhash, the degree of which is 10 to 15 years fell by 2 . 8 -3 meters. Concurrently, the rise of the Caspian Sea, caused by ill-conceived decision stripping the Gulf of Kara-Bogazgol. Currently flooded big areas of coastal grazing areas and encouraging oil-bearing areas. Zyryanovsk lead and Leninogorsk polymetallic things have triggered contamination with the Irtysh. Worrying environmental scenario prevailing in the valley of the rivers Ili and the Urals. In the crucial condition of the land assets of Kazakhstan, depleted fertile arable area, pasture turns into desert. Is still a serious trouble of smog, especially in huge industrial centers. National priority in the " Strategy 2030" RK contain: environmental basic safety, rational make use of natural methods, environmental health of individuals and some in the problems of social ecology. Reaction to the first environmental crises and catastrophes was expressed inside the " Environment Act" of 1997. The situation of ecology and preservation - can be...



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