Ecommerce Case Study

1 . Compare eBay's unique business model using its latest suggested business model. With eBay's original business model, the corporation had nowhere fast to adjust to get the changing technology in e-Commerce. Mainly because consumers had been buying even more products in the fixed cost type of retailers, and the prospect of internet shops wore away, the original business design will cause the business to continuously lose money. With technology evolving, eBay can be unable to preserve a competitive advantage having its old business model unless it adapted a more recent business model intended for e-Commerce. The new business unit will better e-Commerce with strategic units that will permit the company to expand this e-Commerce strengths. PayPal and eBay's plethora of cellular applications and mobile payment systems brings the company into the market. 2 . What are the issues that eBay is currently facing? How is usually eBay planning to solve these types of problems? The condition eBay happens to be facing can be trust concerns. As amazon became a web based middleman for buyers and sellers, these two parties would need to have sort of trust in eBay so their cash won't be dropped. EBay seems to have stifled these types of trust difficulties with a stringent buyer security program that incorporates a moderator in the mix to solve issues. The other issue is because eBay's original business model was intended for online auctions, and with Amazon . com and other sites employing a one click purchase, buyers want even more fast paced fast purchases and fewer of sales. Ebay presently employs a Buy that Now option on most products it provides to help handle this desire. 3. Will be the solutions eBay is wanting to implement great solutions? Why or why not? Are there any various other solutions that eBay should consider? The solutions eBay is usually implementing are incredibly smart alternatives, but " good” is actually a matter of thoughts and opinions. With the introduction of numerous ecommerce applications like PayPal mobile phone purchases, enables not only buyers, but as well small business owners to...



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