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Due: Comes to an end, November 21st

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In addition with their sheer entertainment value, popular movies often depict internal disorders. There may be no shortage of " Unusual Psychology movies” available for viewing; however , various provide incorrect portrayals of psychological behaviors, traits and disorders. This often brings about the public at large having a distorted view of what Psychopathology is or perhaps how Medical Psychologists work. The goal of the assignment is usually to choose a film with a great abnormal emotional theme or issue, research the idea or concern portrayed in the film, and after that carefully evaluate how well or effectively you believe film production company presented the theme towards the viewing audience. Instructions:

1 ) Your is going to watch a comparatively recent (released 2000 or later) well-liked film or television show that depicts some sort of psychopathology.

2 . In addition you will utilize PsycINFO database, locate one particular (1) peer-reviewed article that address the same topic or if you chosen movie/television show and was posted after june 2006. Print the PsycINFO record (the finished record) you found and highlight the publication particular date, publication type, authors, & the diary.

3. Create a 3 webpage reaction newspaper.

a. You will need to provide a comprehensive diagnosis of the character with the disorder and discuss that individual's symptoms relative to the diagnostic requirements. b. You are going to discuss the positive and unfavorable messages the movie gives the community about individuals with this disorder, as well as the mental health profession in general. c. You will supply a detailed review of the log article, and discuss how the findings of the article may possibly relate (or not) for the character in the movie.



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