Hershey Company-A Case Research

A Case Analysis


The Hershey Organization, known until April 2005 as the Hershey Foods Company and generally called Hershey's, is definitely the largest candy manufacturer in North America. Its headquarters happen to be in Hershey, Pa, which is also house to Hershey's Chocolates World. It was founded by Milton S. Hershey in 1894 while the Hershey Chocolate Firm, a subsidiary of his Lancaster Caramel Company. Hershey's products can be purchased in about sixty countries worldwide.  In addition, Hershey is a member of the World Cocoa Groundwork. The company has been topped to 384, in comparison with the previous ranking 404, in 2013 (CNN, 2013). This kind of paper is going to show the provider's international environment, exams the strengths, disadvantages, opportunities and treats. Following analyzing the strategic managing for going abroad and competitive advantages, the author concluded that how a Hershey Company successes to offer the whole planet's happiness and what more can be right down to move forward.

Summary of the Hershey Company

The Hershey Firm is the most significant chocolate and confectionary item manufacturer inside the North America Region. The Hershey Company Headquarters is located in Hershey, Pennsylvania founded by Milton Hershey. Milton S. Hershey in the late 1800s and the business has been a huge stimulation of growth to get Hershey, Derry Township (THEHERSHEYCOMPANY, 2011). Because the new centuries begins, The Hershey Organization continues to present new products often and make the most of growth opportunities through purchases. HERSHEY'S items are noted and enjoyed the world over. Actually the company market, sell and distribute the products in approximately seventy countries. The Hershey Industry�s key industry includes Us, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and China. By year-end 2011, Hershey utilized 13, 800 people and had consolidated net sales of $6. 08 billion (THEHERSHEYCOMPANY, 2011). Hershey's slogan is usually bringing lovely moments of Hershey happiness to the universe every day. Listed here are some of the Hershey Company's well-known brands: Hershey's Chocolate Club

Salted peanuts Joy

System Kat

Hershey's Kisses


Milk Duds

Mr. Good bar


Hershey's Mission

" Our mission is to be a concentrated food company in North America and selected international markets and an innovator in every aspect of our business. Our aim is to boost our Initially position in the North American confectionery market, become the leader in U. S i9000. chocolate-related grocery products, and build leadership positions in selected international markets” (THEHERSHEYCOMPANY, 2011). Hershey's Slogan can be: Bringing fairly sweet moments of Hershey joy to the world every day. Towards the stakeholders, therefore: delivering quality consumer-driven confectionery experiences for all occasions to customers; winning with a great aligned and empowered firm while having fun to workers; building collaborative relationships intended for profitable progress with clients, suppliers and partners; creating sustainable value for shareholders; honoring each of our heritage through continued dedication to making an optimistic difference on communities (THEHERSHEYCOMPANY, 2011).


Full-time sales representatives and food agents sell each of our products to the customers. Hershey's customers are mostly wholesale vendors, chain grocery stores, and mass merchandisers, sequence drug shops, vending companies, wholesale golf clubs, convenience stores, buck stores, concessionaires, department stores and natural food stores (THEHERSHEYCOMPANY, 2011).

International Business Environment Analysis – SWOT Research 1 . Strengths

Background market share. The Hershey firm exports to 60 different countries incorporate Largest Division Network around North American territory. According to promote research company Euromonitor Intercontinental, the global confectionery market sits down at $160 billion, and has grown by 5% each year the past five years. At the same time, the chocolate market inside the United...

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