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From your batch of Students confessed in the Academic Year 2008-09



First Year w. elizabeth. f. the educational Year 2008-09 (From the batch of Students admitted in the year 2008-09) Part – I: H. No . 1 2 three or more Subject English Language which include communication expertise Second language Modern day India: Economy, Polity and Society (foundation Course) Total Hrs a week 6 5 3 13 No of Marks 90 100 95 300

Component – 2: S. Number 5 6th 7 eight Subject Financial Accounting Business Economics Business Organization & Management Principles of Information Technology Total: Grand Total: Hrs per week 6th 4 five 5 twenty 33 No of Markings 100 100 100 75 400 seven hundred

Note – 1: Note – a couple of:

All are credit Subjects pertaining to award of Pass as well as Class. Model question papers that are not provided by this report will be brought to the Schools in due course

INITIALLY YEAR BRITISH Syllabus PAPER – My spouse and i (Part – I)

Part – A (50 Marks) POETRY Title of the Poem 1 . Epigramme to Fall months 2 . Dover Beach a few. The Not known Citizen 4. Poem – 36 a few. Myriad-Winged Fowl 6. Phone Conversation PROSE Title of the Prose Lessons 1 . Is definitely Progress Actual? 2 . Sophie Leacock three or more. The Best Investment I Available 4. Prospective customers of Democracy 5. Excellent Dream six. Letter into a Teacher

Greatest extent. Marks: 75

Name in the Poet John Keats Mathew Arnold W. H. Auden Rabindranath Tagore A. Satyavathi Devi Wole Soyinka

Term of the Writer Will Pendant Conjuror's Vengeance A. T. Cronin Doctor B. R. Ambedkar Matn Luther Ruler Nora Rossi and Ben Cole

SENTENCE STRUCTURE AND LANGUAGE 1 . Studying Comprehension 2 . Verb Forms 3. Proper Words (Synonyms, Antonyms, Homonyms and One-Word Substitutes) 5. Idioms five. Detection of Errors EVEN MORE READING INTENDED FOR FIRST YEAR Short Testimonies: 1 . How Far is the Lake 2 . Girls are better than Males One-Act Performs 1 . The Boy Comes home after work 2 . Merchant of Venice (Casket Picture only) Ruskin Bond Leo Tolstoy A. A. Milne William Shakespeare

DIALECT USAGE 1 . Punctuation (to be given coming from a one-act play) 2 . Dialogue Producing (to be provided with from a quick story)

Component – N (50 Marks) COMMUNICATION PROGRAM

YEAR – I CONNECTION CURRICULUM Yr – We / Level – I actually Modules Topics Concepts / Activities Added Infrastructure Frame Requirement forty Hours 1-B-1 English Spoken 1 . Neutralization • • of Accent• Pronunciation • 15 Intro to British sounds Practice in determining Vowels Signs, words, pressure, using Consonants(GIE) The dictionary, common terms (Contrasted with Br. E, Am. E) Syllables Stress Intonation Reducing MTIProblematic Seems of local Language your five Self – Introduction Interests and preferred Greeting people Giving instructions/directions, making demands, asking agreement, offering help Sound System Time

• • •

• • Informal English • differences • 2 . Formal / Monologue / Dialogue 3. Telephoning Skills



Listening 1 . Being attentive for tension, accent, Understanding rhythm and intonation 2 . Listening to get the main idea 3. Tuning in for certain information

Types of phone calls 5 • Call structure-stages of a call up • Going out of a message • Role enjoy • Tone of voice modulation practice • Identifying sounds / word stress / your five intonation habits • •

Speaker Telephone recommended

Sound CD as well as Tapes

5. Listening intended for pleasure

• • • •

Listening to and understanding a four speech /talk conversation Coping with cell-(live as well as answering some machine) listening to and taking down a message Next instructions / directions Dictation practice a couple of Stories, stories, English music

Audio DISC / Tapes • • Audio DISC / Tapes Site maps recommended Music CD/tapes

Reference book: A course in Listening and speaking – I

The Pattern with the Question Paper for the First Year: English 1 . Prose: 15 (Section - A) 2 . Poetry: 12 (Section -- B) several. Additional Browsing (Non-Detailed Text): 10 (Section - C) 4. Studying Comprehension, Grammar & Language: 20 (Section - D)

Question Conventional paper Model Section – A

I. Answer any FIVE out of EIGHT...

Recommendations: 1 . Technology: Dennis S. Curtin, McGraw Hill International 2 . Fundamentals of Personal computers: P. Mohan, Himalaya Creating House three or more. Fundamentals of Computers: Atul Kahate, Orde McGraw Hill 4. Basic principles of Computers: V. Srinivas, Kalyani Publications 5. MS Office: Sanjay Saxsena 6th. MS Office: BPB Magazines 7. Electronic commerce: CSV Murthy, Himayalaya Publishing Property: Fundamentals of theInternet, Orde Mc Graw Hill almost 8. Raymond Green Law 9. Efraim Turban: Electronic Commerce, Pearson Education 10. E-Commerce, E-Business: C. S. Rayudu, Himalaya Creating House 11. Fundamentals details Technology: Deepak Bharihanke, Exceed 12. Understanding Computers: Morley, Cengage



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