IT402 Unit almost 8


Unit eight Assignment

Kiva Thompkins

Kaplan University

IT402: IT Talking to

Professor Abdellah Tazi

Sept. 2010 24, 2013

The Assignment discusses the important thing tasks in conducting exploration and key questions which should be asked of the IT, Promoting, Distribution, and Manufacturing groups.

Part One:

With the breakthrough discovery of additional issues during the merger/ obtain it is important that users of equally companies THIS, manufacturing, marketing, and droit departments satisfy to discuss the way the merger/ buy will continue. Because the different teams appreciate their businesses through the function they operate directly with I think it could be best for the actual teams to fulfill separately. Each business unit of both equally companies appointment separately allows the consultant to see the business from a general point of view than it, manufacturing, promoting, and circulation.

The very best venue to get the meeting would be with the acquiring soft candies business department offices. For example it could be best for the IT group of equally companies in order to meet at the soft candies organization, the production team in the soft candies company, the marketing group at the soft candies firm, and the division team at the soft candies company. There are issues regarding the soft sweets company that have been coming to mild and it will be best to check out overall businesses of each team environment to discover additional underlying issues. The meeting could be formal with sales pitches of current merger/ purchase expectations plus the additional resources needed to solidify the purchase. During the conference it will important to define crew roles moving forward with the merging of the groups of each business.

Primarily I believe it can be important for each member of the groups to bring previous company details to the meeting based on the team. For example: THIS Team: current networking concepts and THAT system patterns for current system, current...



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