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International Diary of Creation Research

Volume. 49, Number 22, 15 November 2011, 6863–6883

Status review and research tactics on product-service systems S. P. Wang*, X. G. Ming, Deb. Li, Farreneheit. B. Kong, L. Wang and Z. Y. Wu School of Mechanical Executive, Shanghai Jiao Tong College or university, Shanghai, PUBLIC RELATIONS China (Received 17 May 2010; last version received 12 October 2010) As present trends in economical and inhabitants growth continue, the natural environment is more and more being anxious. More and more experts, institutes and programmes paid attention to product-service systems (PSSes) in the last decade because PSS integrates concrete artefact and intangible service to achieve durability, improve enterprise competitiveness, and meet customer needs better. In order to interact to the industrial craze towards PSS and frame the related research, the state-of-the-art of PSS research and development are reported. Furthermore, in order to integrate fragmental PSS solutions, this newspaper proposes a framework to get product-service lifecycle management (PSLM) and technologies of PSS development. Therefore , four groups are focused on: overview of PSS, exploration about PSS development, a framework intended for PSLM, and technologies intended for PSLM (modular product-service creation and ontology-based productservice knowledge expression and reuse). The preliminary answer of the setup roadmap and technologies for PSLM which will need to be perfected is proposed to put a basis for further advancement and using PSS intended for the benefit of companies.

Keywords: product-service





management; PSS development; do it yourself product-service advancement

1 . Introduction

Since the early 1990s, the driving force in our overall economy has been changing from creation of material goods to product-service offers based on knowledge and information (Roy and Baxter 2009). The service portion of end result and profits in manufacturing corporations are raising. It has become an important trend inside the manufacturing industry that support is used to enhance the competition of businesses as well as an important method to obtain values (Sheehan 2000, Mamelon 2003). There are mainly two manifestations, is manufacturing companies are definitely more and more centered on the service in the design and style or development phase; the second reason is manufacturers expanding their actions to the complete lifecycle in the physical goods.

As a respond to this tendency, more and more businesses are beginning to adopt this service-oriented model of manufacturing, and there are currently a lot of successful examples.

Rolls Royce offers ‘Total Care Package' and ‘Power by the Hour' rather than moving ownership of the gas generator engine. Proceeds Royce may collect item lifecycle info because they must provide spares and routine service service inside the engine

*Corresponding author. Email: [email protected] edu. cn

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P. P. Wang et al.

lifecycle and have direct access to the asset, and this data can be used to boost engine effectiveness and asset utilisation, therefore receive the business and environmental benefits (Baines ain al. 2007). Toyota suggests ‘do certainly not buy a forklift truck' to their clients who are available the warehouse transportation function (Baines et al. 2007). Interface, a US firm, proposed the Evergreen Rental to transform a durable business product right into a service. Clients only need shell out a monthly cost for continuously fresh searching and useful carpeting (Roy 2000). Within case, Xerox Corporation launched a copiers rental business for commercial rather than environmental reasons, and Photocopied introduced fresh copiers which include remanufactured pieces from machines taken again from its rental service. Within the next step, Xerox will try to get a complete replication service to clientele that...

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