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A. L. Industries is established more than a decade ago is a Proprietorship firm, Manufacturing Hydraulic remote controlled and physical grabs. They Deal with Procedure and repair of all types of Holds Viz. Sole Line Remote Operated Clovisse Shell Grabs, Electro-Hydraulic Clovisse Shell Grabs, Electro-Hydraulic Lemon Peel Grabs, Electro-Hydraulic Grabs for Sign Handling, Hydraulic attachments upon excavators.

M/s. A. T. Industries one of the main engineering business engaged in the design, manufacture, supply of Grab Buckets and conveyers. Manufacturing of mechanical tools, repair/refurbishing of material handling equipments/systems including Grabs of all makes and restoration of Ships in India. The factory is based in Verna Goa, 15 kms away from Mormugao Dock near NH 17A and it is well furnished with manufacturing and repair services. �

ARUL LINU GRABS PVT. LIMITED.  is a famous producer specializing in making grab series products. Which has a group of high-level employees in hydraulic-pressure area and experts with more than 10-year knowledge in grab design, creation, and manufacturing, ALG's holds are broadly applied to companies, such as delivery, port, electric power station, stainlesss steel plant, reject incineration plant, railway, concrete, chemical architectural, paper producing, dredging, maintaining some semblance of, etc .

ALG puts great emphasis on technology development. That they continuously analyze and absorb the modern technology and pattern approach from worldwide leading countries such as Asia, Dutch and Germany. Goods have reached the domestic leading level: The airwaves Remote-Control Get -Trouble-free procedure to 3 thousands hours Electrical Hydraulic-Pressure Grab - Hassle-free operation to 5000 hours

Their export products have obtained SCC, NK, FEK accreditations and be eligible the international customer to obtain international warrantee services.

ALG is one of the leading companies in India in regards to R& Deb and style of load/unloading, snagging, lifting and transporting kitchen appliances. They have been granted " Technology and COMPANY PROFILE

Technology Advancement Prize" several times and still have won the Golden Reward on the eighth and twelfth National Advent Exhibition. ALG owns many patents and may effectively solve the problems occurred during load/unload. Scrape-drag-plate get for pennie ore is usually one of their very own innovations. It overcomes the down sides of products sticking, dropping and shedding and thus may increase production up to 50 percent.

Vision:  " To be the organization chosen by our innovation, solutions, product or service. To be identified by the human and professional quality of our people and by our contribution to the creation. " Mission:  " To assist our consumers to reach their particular goals of business providing services and innovative solutions with highest lifecycle value. ”

ALG can also carry out R& D, design and manufacture of hydraulic-pressure devices according to customer requires. Meantime, behave as sales firm for types of imported hydraulic-pressure components.

ALG products:

1) In terms of power:

Radio Remote-Control Grab

Electric powered Hydraulic-Pressure Grab

Robe Device Grab

Air-Powered Grab

Electrical Grab

Hydraulic-Pressure Grab.

2) In terms of app and appearance:

Dredge Grab

Repair Grab

Timber Grab

Multi-Petal Grab

Double-Petal Grab

Twain-Petal Grab

Metal Scrap Pick up

Leak-Resistant Get

Trash-Racking Pick up

Stem-Grass Pick up

Pull-out Get

Underwater Pick up

Weight (Unit: Ton): coming from 0. a few to two hundred (Load of lifting)

Requirements: over 300 kinds

Consider that, based upon the viewpoint of trustworthiness and mutual benefit and their full-fledged technology as well as abundant manufacturing and management experience in pick up area, they can provide the customer with good product and service since the customer want. They truly look forward to check out and their assistance in the near future

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