Management report Canadian tire


To: Stephen G. Wetmore, Canadian Wheel Corporation CEO

Subject: Canadian Tire Corporation Ltd.

Time: November doze, 2014

Canadian Tire Corporation is one of the largest Canadian owned companies in Canada. This can be a publicly owned company. The corporation is a community company it is therefore not linked to international industry. As it is an area company, it includes local client to whom the company focus almost all of their products. This corporation is definitely involved in retail, finance and service sectors that helps Canadian achieve generally there in their day-to- day operation. It is a central business as a result most of the governance decision are made by board of directors. A s an organization who focus on Canadian resident, they have develop programs and system to improve Canadian existence through right now there active living programs and save the planet through all their environmental insurance plan. As the organization has a series and personnel organizational structure it is able to properly monitor and motivate each committee in order to complete their requirement. Both of you can actually strategic in addition to the operational preparing is properly implement inside the corporation, as the board of directors will be able to monitor their particular control system. The overall structure of the company is very very good. The only issue that the client are concern about the company is the customer satisfaction area. While Canada is actually a diverse country, the company has to change its product to concentrate more within the new varied society instead of focusing on elderly Canadian culture.


Canadian Tire Organization Limited

2180 Yonge Avenue

P. O. Box 770, Station T

Toronto, Ontario M4P 2V8


Mobile phone: 416-480-3000

Send: 416-544-7715

Internet site: http://corp.canadiantire.ca

As one of the best retail store in Canada, Canadian Tire corporation, limited was formerly started because Hamilton Car port & Rubber Co. in 1922. They will incorporated with the existing name underneath Ontario Businesses Act December 1, 1927. Since then that operates 1700 retail outlets, gas bars and range of financial services (Canadian Wheel corp., 2014). Their products and services prepare Canadian for each and every day-to-day procedure. Their price tag segment supplies product in: Living, Mending, Playing, Automotive, Seasonal and Gardening, Attire and Athletics, which are maintained their financial business section which provides solutions like: Credit cards, Retail debris and Insurance production. Canadian Tire Firm is powered by its six organization, which got helped the organization to be one of the nation's the majority of top and trusted organization. They are: Canadian Tire: It's the flagship banner for the organization. There are 491 Canadian Wheel stores operate by alternative party operators (Canadian Tire corp., n. g. ), called dealers, who have purchases goods on living, automotive, fixing, playing and others from the company and sell it to regional customers. The head office can be found with the company. Petroleum: It really is Canadian greatest independent retailer of gas with three hundred retailer managed gas pubs, 295 benefits store, 82 carwashes and 89 lp station which can be mostly collocated with the Canadian Tire stores (Canadian Tire corp., 2014). The head business office is located with all the Canadian Tire Corporation. Partsource: It is the sequence of automotive speciality store that consist of 90 stores that are ideally located, with competitive charges and authorities professional staff. They have unique strategies by expert catering to " do-it-yourself” which attracts various customers. They also have value added features like loan-a-tool program, braking system drum and router turning, which add up for their exceptional business strategies (Canadian Car tire Corp., 2014). Their hq is located by: 336 Courtland Ave Vaughan ON, L4K 4Y1...

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Canadian Tire Corp

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Canadian Tire Corp

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Canadian Tire Corp



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