marie lasselles

Marie Theresa Lasselle”

In his article, " Marie Theresa Lasselle, ” Dennis Meters. Au is exploring the life of Marie Theresa Lasselle and share a rare look into women who were involved in the pelt trade. Lasselle was born Might 1, 1735 and as Au explains, Lasselle grew up in Montreal exactly where she was part " of the upper class, her father and mother evidently sent her away to school. ” Au statements that it was unusual in that time that girls canada were able to get an education.

Lasselle married Jacques Lasselle III, a hair trader, in 1765 together five kids together. Au goes on to clarify that the family members moved to Kekionga- where they will created a family members business. Au writes that the American Revolution led her to Detroit and then Montreal, where the girl with separated via her partner who passes away in 1791.

Lasselle went through times of poverty although recovered. Her children at some point created their particular business and supported her. Au states that the kids focused on adding, land and mainly fur- which proven unstable and soon entered decline; Lasselle kept her children steady in times of drop. On September 29, 1819 Lasselle passed away.

Au statements that Lasselle's self portrait that is popular in the Monroe County Famous Museum and " is an extremely rare glimpse of a southeastern Michigan 18th century master and rates high among the oldest surviving portraits completed in The state of michigan. ” A peek in the life of women inside the fur deals is uncommon, although ladies lived in the settlements, majority of the women weren't illiterate. Au points out that Marie Lasselle was literate and artistic, permitting people a way to see inside fur control from a woman's part.



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