Fresh Question:

What will happen if you dropped a mentos candy in a jar of diet plan coke? How come do you think and so? Abstract:

Placing a mentos candy in a bottle of diet softdrink will cause bubbles to behave. Bubbles are formed and it promotes the water up and out of the bottle of wine causing an eruption. My spouse and i became interested in this subject because my pal helped me choose this theme. Background Research:

Sodas have a whole lot of co2 (CO2)

Mentos candy has thousands of little little openings even though we cannot discover them. The tiny very little holes allow the carbon dioxide gas to create a lot more bubbles. It will eventually create a lot of bubbles the bottle erupts with foams of liquefied. Hypothesis:

I forecast if you drop a mentos in the diet coke, bubbles will certainly form and push the liquid up and out from the bottle since I believe that mentos and diet softdrink will cause a chemical reaction. Materials:

* 1 Spin of mentos mint sweets

* Paper and strapping to make a conventional paper tube

2. Index credit card

* two liters of bottled diet or standard soda


1 . В Make a paper-tube using paper and tube.

2 . Place your mentos sweets inside a paper-tube.

three or more. В Put the index credit card over the paper tube on the top end, and flip it out. 4. В Open a liter of soda by removing the cap and shake the bottle a bit. 5. Place the rolled goodies from the daily news tube in the bottle beginning. 6. Take away the index card so that the candies will fall into the bottle. 7. В Stand back and watch.

Outcomes and Findings:

Bubbles began to form in the bottle

Foams of liquefied rush out of the bottle in a matter of seconds

It travelled twice as large as my height

Just 30% of the soda was left in the bottle

Mentos candies remain in the container


So , my test question was " What will happen if you decreased a mentos candy within a bottle of diet coke? ” After doing the experiment, We concluded that my hypothesis is correct because a effect did happen by losing a mentos candy within a bottle of diet...

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