Character Research Task Isabella Ransome ‘The Outsiders'

Darrel (Darry) Curtis is two decades of age and is legal mom or dad of his brothers, Ponyboy Curtis and Sodapop Curtis, due to his parents dying in a car wreck almost 8 months before the events in the book take place. ‘Darry is six feet two, and wide shouldered and muscle. He has dark brown curly hair that kicks out in entrance and a slight cow riff in the back-just like Dad's- but Darry's eyes are his own. ' (Page 7) Darry under no circumstances got the chance to go to School as the family didn't want to afford this and this individual doesn't have enough time between maintaining his siblings, and doing work two careers. ‘But we just did not have the money intended for him to attend college, even with the athletic scholarship he won. And today he did not have time passed between jobs to even consider college. ' (Page 20) During this novel, we understand Darry to be unpleasant & cold; ‘Darry isn't ever before sorry intended for anything this individual does. It seems like funny to me that this individual should appear exactly like my dad and work exactly the contrary from him. ' (Page 7), But that may be only the protagonists (Ponyboy's) thoughts and opinions of Darry. Later on in the novel, Pony realises that everything that Darry does, is perfect for his friends and family. Darry is definitely the eldest part of the team at the age of 20. His main role inside the novel ‘The Outsiders' is always to look after his ‘kid' friends and make sure they don't get into trouble for school or with the ‘fuzz'. ‘Listen, Soda, you and Ponyboy, ' Darry said as we strode across the road, ‘if the fuzz show, you two conquer it out of there. The rest of us can only acquire jailed. The two of you can get delivered to a boys' home. ' (Page 166) Two-bit, Dally, Sodapop, Dorrie & Ashton all appreciate how hard Darry works in order to keep a roof over his families head and also to provide an education for Ponyboy except for Ponyboy himself! ‘You don't appreciate all Darry's giving up in order to give you a...



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