Fiscal: Public Finance and Book Cart Relevance

п»їA review of financial policy reforms in the ASEAN countries in the 1980s.

simply by Manasan, Serie G.; Makati, Metro Manila: Philippine Company for Advancement Studies, 1990.

Subject: Financial policy -- ASEAN countries; Fiscal insurance plan -- Israel.

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Relevance: 16. 18%

Optimal macroeconomic responses to a incipient personal debt crisis: the case of the Philippines.

by Silvestre, Vaughn Flores.;

Subject: Debts, Exterior -- Korea; Fiscal plan -- Korea; Monetary plan -- Philippines; Philippines -- Economic policy.

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Significance: 14. 53%

The Niehans paradox: difficult to regular Philippine economic policy.

by simply Ang, Abeejune;

Subject: Niehans, Jurg; Monetary coverage -- Philippines; Devaluation of currency -- Philippines; Monetary policy -- Philippines.

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Relevance: 18. 34%

Electoral cycles in Philippine financial and economic policy.

by Evangelista, Daryl Patrick;

Subject: Polls -- Economic aspects -- Philippines -- Econometric versions.; Fiscal plan -- Korea; Monetary policy -- Philippines.

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Significance: 14. 34%

The economic implications of the measures to minimize the deficit for the program period 1989-1992.

by Imperial, Charito;

Subject: Price range deficits -- Philippines; Deficit financing -- Philippines; Fiscal policy -- Philippines; Thailand -- Economic policy.

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Relevance: 14. 24%

The Philippine economic climate: structure financing and realignment.

by Vos, Rob; The Hague: Company of Sociable Studies, mil novecentos e noventa e seis.

Subject: Philippines -- Financial policy -- Econometric models; Fiscal plan -- Thailand; Finance -- Philippines; Keeping and expenditure -- Israel; Philippines -- Economic conditions -- 1970-1992.

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Relevance: 14. 19%

Financing expansion: the politico-economic constraints upon fiscal plan in the Korea.

by Montes, Manuel Farrenheit.; [S. l.: h. n. ], 1987.

Subject: Fiscal insurance plan -- Israel; Government spending policy -- Philippines; Philippines -- Monetary policy.

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Relevance: 16. 15%

Funding development: the political economy of financial policy inside the Philippines.

simply by Montes, Manuel Flores; [Makati]: Philippine Institute intended for Development Studies, 1991.

Subject matter: Fiscal coverage -- Korea; Philippines -- Economic policy; Government spending policy -- Philippines.

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Relevance: 18. 15%

Comparative statics research of the effectiveness of government procedures on the Philippine balance of payments.

by simply Canillas, Lorisa G.;

Subject: Stability of repayments -- Philipines; Fiscal coverage -- Philippines; Monetary coverage -- Thailand.

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Relevance: 14. 14%

The Korea: fiscal habit in recent background _ AC-UPSE Economic Forum (2nd: 2008: Ayala Museum, Makati City.

by Diokno, Benjamin Electronic., 1948-; Quezon City: Institution of Economics, University from the Philippines, 08.

Subject: Price range deficits -- Philippines; Monetary policy -- Philippines; Fund, Public -- Philippines; Authorities spending insurance plan -- Israel; Expenditures, Open public -- Thailand; Taxation -- Philippines.

Filipino public monetary administration: blood pressure measurements and files.

by Regio, Jose D.; Manila: UP-Graduate School of Public Operations, 1965.

Subject: Fiscal policy -- Korea -- Addresses, essays, classes; Monetary insurance plan.

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Significance: 14. 02%

Crowding out in savings: a great assessment of the effectivity of public policies in impacting on national saving from 81 to 1990.

by Soriano, Maria Victoria Alday;

Subject: Saving and expense -- Korea; Fiscal insurance plan -- Israel; Monetary plan -- Israel.

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Relevance: 13. 00%

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