Nascar: Not Just Mullets and Beer Stomachs

Laura Dale Mumm

English 111 – L41

Beth Loring

September sixteen, 2013

Nascar: Not Just Mullets and Beer-Bellies

Nascar (National Association intended for Stock Car Auto Racing) was created 66 years ago by Costs France. His dream was going to create this kind of a competition that people via all over the world will come to view it. Three largest auto racing series in Nascar would be the Sprint Cup Series, the Nationwide Series, and the Camping World Pick up truck Series. These types of series use three types of songs throughout the Usa: speedways, super-speedways, and an individual road course.

Generally, when ever someone describes Nascar, one particular perceives a stereotypical picture of mullets, beer-bellies, or in easier conditions, a " Redneck. ” Society's standard perception of a redneck is usually low-income, with little civic interest, and someone who is usually not very intelligent. But little do they will know, this image can be not just what one perceives at a Nascar competition. Nascar supporters include a wide array of people. This may not be fair to get Nascar supporters to be placed in this common category. In fact , many " Yankees” and Canadians are fans from the sport. Personnel of Nascar can vary via venders, benefactors, pit crews, media, and even more. Behind the scenes are very busy and rushed because they are hoping to get ready for the top events of race weekend such as the being qualified for the races as well as the races themselves. Workers generally begin getting ready for each race as early as fourteen days ahead of time. Nascar drivers could possibly be considered to get the best jobs in Nascar. Their main responsibilities are to ensure they get to the trail as least two days in advance, qualify, practice, and race. The rest of the period, they are hanging out with their families at their campsites or visiting the town with each other.

From a distance, this sport may seem like just a lot of fast and loud cars taking the time to go in circles really fast, but it means a lot more than that to the fans, venders, beneficiaries, drivers, plus the media. Many individuals, from the millions of...



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