novel lastling themes

Friendship as well as Cultural Collide / Accepting Difference

Symbolized through

Friendship between

Geng-sun (Yeh-Teh)

Tahr (Monk in Training)

Paris, france (American-New Yorker)

All via different backgrounds --- Accepted variations in each other's personalities' at the. g.: Tahr learned to communicate in a unique way with the yeh-teh. Became Paris' friend despite the fact that she was a restless person and had tricked him when. Paris discovered there were great people in the world and all were not like Uncle Franklin and his group. Each of them became faithful friends regardless of the great ethnical differences elizabeth. g.: They all saved each other's lifestyle at some point.

The yeh-teh saved Tahr often – through the rebels and the guard for Franklin's camp. Paris as well helped these people escape. Tahr helped the yeh-teh to escape from the camp. Violence simply by Violence

Showed through


Life of Darwa, this individual lost his family. While his Buddhist family was killed once their village was assaulted, he was lifted in a chaotic environment and grew biter and unhealthy and then lost the value for a persons life having seen too much eradicating and hence started to be violent. Tahr

On the other hand, Tahr was proven love and affection and taught to live peacefully by Shengo; therefore he developed into a calm non-violent persona. Geng-sun

Geng-sun lost her mother to violence and she were required to save herself constantly through the different sets of rebels which usually also became violent the moment there was no choice to save the life of her friends.


Represented through

Franklin's chaos for recreation (bringing pricey material along in the new world, getting decked out formally for dinner in jungle, bringing high-priced wine and gilded chairs) Franklin's madness to be extraordinary and train Paris to become just like him. Franklin's mad obsession for an idea since Renaud explained to Paris. Franklin's mad passion for capturing the yeh-teh and rare creatures. Franklin's madness following breaking of icy control at the bataille of the group by...



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