Of Mice and Males Essay Describe



In Of rodents and males John Steinbeck strongly illustrates the demeaning image of the woman- mostly.

- what points will be brought up in essay?

• The book presents ladies as signal of threat

• Just how women are viewed through men and novel

• they self-objectify

• Putting a price on the woman body is one of largest facets of objectification. • Even though Susie and Clara present many objectification they have what we all want • CW's appearance can be changed throuout the novel

- consequently , although the novel seen by using a patriarchal contact lens, views ladies as personal objectifying and inferior, that uplifts all their unpleasant overall look by depicting Curley's better half as depressed and remote.


-paragraph point: The way the novel shows women and how they are seen by men -examples and quotes:

• (novel) " curleys wife” significant because gives her no identity • (novel) Almost everything dark once she shows up and indications of caution g 31 important because shows how the girl with a red flag and a sign of risk • (men)Woman source of almost all problems- blamed In death p 96 important since even when she is dead the girl with still becoming blamed • (men) Poison- p 32- important because this is just how she is described • (novel) pretty in death s 93


paragraph point: even though female are awfully viewed In society, they still self objectify. -examples and quotes:

• Susie and clara- self objectify putting a price on girl body • Promote objectification

• In the industry of ultimate objectification

• CW continuously self objectifies

• " leaned against the door shape so that her body was thrown forward” p thirty-one • ironic bc wedded to curley

• " cant blame anyone to get lookin' p 31

z .


-paragraph point: novel uplifts awful appearance of ladies by presenting curly's better half as unhappy and Susie and clara with autonomy -examples and quotes:

• Lonely 78- echos criminals...



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