Pakistan State Essential oil Report

Survey on;

Honest Standards of

Pakistan Point out Oil (PSO).

Table of Contents:

1 . Vision

installment payments on your Mission Assertion 3. Principles

4. Background 5. Each of our Products

6th. Associated Firms

7. Code of execute

8. PSO Quality Assurance Section

9. PSO and Honest Practices

twelve. Health Safety & Environment

* Reduction of Work-related Sickness

* Prevention of Accidents.

* Prevention of Environmental Pollution:

* HSE Vision

* Characterization of HSE: В

* HSE Policy of PSO:


* HSE Steering Panel

11. Strength Conservation Procedures

12. Buyer Safety Assess:

13. Work place Safety Measure:

14. Work place Safety Evaluate:

15. Employee Wellbeing Assess:



18. PSO Loyalty Car

19. A major problem faced by PSO

20. SWOT Analysis



To excel in delivering benefit to customers as an innovative and powerful energy business that reaches the future initially. Mission

We could committed to leadership in strength market through competitive edge in providing the highest quality petroleum products and services to the customers, primarily based | 5. Professionally trained, high quality, motivated workforce, functioning as a team in an environment, which recognizes and rewards functionality, innovation and creativity, and supplies for personal growth and development | В |

| * Cheapest operations and assured access to long-term and cost effective supply sources| В |

| * Sustained growth in earnings in real terms


| 5. Highly moral, safe environment-friendly and socially responsible business practice



We believe that excellence inside our core actions emerges via a passion for rewarding our consumers' needs regarding total quality management. Our foremost target is to retain our corporate and business leadership. Cohesiveness

We all endeavor to accomplish higher collective and person goals through team. This is certainly inculcated inside the organization through effective communication. Respect

We are an Equal Opportunity Workplace attracting and recruiting the best people coming from around the region. We value contribution of people and groups. Individual advantages are recognized through our reward and recognition software. | В


We maintain our principles and Organization Ethics guidelines in every action and decision. Professional and personal honesty, devotion and determination are the attractions of our accomplishment. Open and transparent business practices depend on ethical values and respect for employees, neighborhoods and the environment. | В


We are focused on continuous improvement, both in Cool product and Techniques as well as those existing already. We inspire Creative Ideas coming from all stakeholders. | Corporate and business Responsibility

We encourage Health, Basic safety and Environment culture both equally internally and externally. All of us emphasize in Community Development and desire to make culture a better destination to live in.


The creation of Pakistan State Petrol (PSO) may be traced to the year mid 1970s, when upon January first; the government took over and merged Pakistan Countrywide Oil (PNO) and Dawood Petroleum Limited (DPL) as Premiere Oil Company Limited (POCL).

Soon after that, on 3 rd June 1974, Petroleum Storage area Development Corporation (PSDC) has been around since. PSDC was then renamed as State Oil Firm Limited (SOCL) on Aug 23rd 1976. Following that, the QUELLO undertakings were purchased about 15th Sept 1976 and control was vested in SOCL. The final of that 12 months (30th Dec 1976) observed the merger of the Premier Oil Organization Limited and State Petrol Company Limited, giving way to Pakistan state Petrol (PSO).

After PSO's invention, the corporate culture underwent a thorough renewal software which was totally implemented in 2004. This method over the years included the revamping of the...



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