Payroll Program

Presentation Summarize:

i. Understanding payroll program.

ii. Types of deals and economical statements influenced. iii. Types of paperwork and documents involved in the salaries cycle. 4. Major capabilities in the payroll cycle.

1 . Understanding payroll program. (What is usually payroll program? ) 5. A salaries system consists of everything that has to do with the payment of personnel and the filing of career taxes. This consists of keeping track of several hours, calculatingВ wages, withholding taxes and otherВ deductions, printing and providing checks and paying work taxes for the government. 5. These systems also can help the business owner calculate the amount of income taxes they must pay back the government at the conclusion of each quarter. * Payroll services may also be performed else where. Many companies are experts in providing payroll systems to other businesses. * Salaries systems are extremely simple to use. They can easily become incorporated into any business applications getting used by the company. The use of this kind of system within a company can help ensure that the corporation remain up to date with the current tax laws and regulations and the business obligations for the different challenging authorities. installment payments on your Types of transactions and financial statements affected. * Two main types of transactions will be processed throughout the payroll circuit. * Payments to personnel for services rendered.

* Accrual and repayment of payroll-related liabilities as a result of employees' providers, including liabilities for Employee Provident Pay for (EPF) and Social Security (Socso). * The monetary items that are generally affected by both types of payroll-related ventures are: 2. Payroll ventures (cash, products on hand, direct and indirect time expense, different payroll-related responsibility and expense) * Accrued payroll responsibility transactions ( cash, numerous accruals just like Employee prepared Fund, Social security and pension costs)

3. Types of files and information involved in the salaries...



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