Phy Bk Ans 1

one particular Heat and Gases Chapter 1 Temperature and Thermometers

New Elderly Secondary Physics at Work  Oxford University or college Press 2009 1

you Temperature and Thermometers

Practice 1 . you (p. 10)

1 N

2 M

3 A

4 Temp is a measure of the degree of

hotness of an object.

5 (a) On the Celsius temperature size, the

reduce fixed level is the snow point (0 C)

and the upper set point may be the steam

point (100 C).

(b) We can reproduce the lower and upper

fixed items by using natural melting ice cubes and

natural boiling water in normal atmospheric

pressure correspondingly.

6 (II), (IV), (V), (I), (III)

7 Permit T always be the temperatures when the line is

several. 7 cm long.

75 0


Capital t  sama dengan

18. 2 3. two

7. six 3. two

T sama dengan 30 C


The size of the mercury column by 100 C is

25 cm.

being unfaithful Let by be the column span for thirty seven C.

21 6


back button  sama dengan

80 0

37 0

x = 12. 9 cm

10 According to the kinetic theory, all matter is

made up of particles. For shades, the debris

are held in position simply by strong makes and so

they have fixed designs.

For fluids and gases, the particles are organised by

weaker forces and will move in one place to

another. Therefore , they just do not have set


Practice 1 . two (p. 16)

1 D

2 C

3 A

4 (a) Thermistor thermometer/ liquid-in-glass


(b) Amount of resistance thermometer/ alcohol-in-glass


(c) Resistance thermometer

(d) Liquid-in-glass thermometer/ infra-red

thermometer/ thermistor thermometer/

liquefied crystal thermometer

5 (a) The curvature of the bimetallic strip.

(b) It includes a bimetallic deprive which is

composed of two whitening strips of different metals.

The metals expand by different costs as

they are really heated. The different expansions

of strips make the bimetallic strip bend

one of many ways. As a result, a specific curvature

from the bimetallic remove represents a

particular temp.

1 Temperature and Gases Chapter one particular Temperature and Thermometers

Fresh Senior Secondary Physics at Work  Oxford University Press 2009 2

6 Allow T become the heat measured.

90 0


Capital t  =

120 thirty five

80 35

T = 52. being unfaithful C

Revision exercise 1

Multiple-choice (p. 19)

you D

2 B

3 B

four C

70 25


L  =

100 zero

40 zero

R sama dengan 47 models

5 B

6 C

100 zero


T  =

85 10

45 10

To = thirty seven. 5 C

7 A

8 A

Conventional (p. 20)

1 Choose the ice cubes point plus the steam stage as the

lower set point and the upper fixed point

respectively. (1A)

Then simply divide the range between these kinds of fixed

items into 75 equal partitions. (1A)

Each division is usually 1 C. (1A)

The low fixed level is accepted as 0 C and the

top fixed level is taken as 100 C. (1A)


100 0


x  =

24. 6 several. 7

12. 0 three or more. 7


x = 39. 7 C (1A)

3 (a) Let Big t be the temperature if the length

in the alcohol line is 15. 6 cm.

100 zero


T  =

18. 4 4. 2

15. 6 4. 2


T = 80. three or more C (1A)

(b) Allow x become the length of the alcohol column

at 40 C.

18. 4 5. 2

some. 2

x  =

100 0

31 0


x sama dengan 8. 46 cm (1A)

4 (a) TN = TC 


33 (1M)

= 250 



= 82. 5 N (1A)

(b) TN = TC 




your five  TF  32


33 (1M)


TF  32


11 (1A)

5 (a)

(Correct classed axis) (1A)

(Correct points) (1A)

(A smooth shape passing through every data

points) (1A)

(b) 32 C (1A)

1 Heat and Gases Section 1 Temperature and Thermometers

New Mature Secondary Physics at Work  Oxford College or university Press 2009 3

six (a) A rotary thermometer measures

heat by measuring the curvity of

the bimetallic deprive. (1A)

The bimetallic remove consists of two metal

strips which grow at distinct rates when

heated to cause a enhancements made on curvature of

the deprive. (1A)

If a strip with only one kind of metal can be

used, it might only increase but not bend over

when warmed. (1A)

(b) Zinc (1A)

Figure a shows that zinc expands even more

when warmed. Therefore , zinc corresponds

to metal A which extends more since shown

in Figure w. (1A)

7 (a) Normal water freezes for temperatures under the

ice stage and vaporizes at temperatures

above the heavy steam point. (1A)




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