Progressive Age Dbq

Erin Effinger 3/10/13


During the Modern Era the American world was innovating; technology, businesses and industry were improving. However a large number of problems went up in America. Various people experienced poor working conditions including low shell out and dangerous environments. Customers were turning out to be aware of the horrors from the food sector. Women were seeking all their right to election, and the govt was infested with the sociable elites whom controlled sector, trusts and monopolies. Accelerating reformers proved helpful to improve situations people in the United States faced; they will worked towards protecting consumers, bettering working circumstances, and growing democracy.

Consumer protection was one of the goals many progressive reformers started improve world. Many muckrakers like Upton Sinclair and his book, The Jungle, experienced exposed businesses for having detrimental working conditions and reviled many problems. Factories had been unsanitary; The Jungle informed consumers information regarding the fatality and disease that reside in the meat taking industries (Doc 1). Meat industries were controlled simply by robber paladin that went the companies with unethical business practices; they can try to raise profits in the consumers' price. They would pay out corrupt various meats inspectors, possess unsanitary slaughter houses and feed consumers disease stuffed cows (Doc 2). The foodstuff and drug industry was also certainly not regulated before Roosevelt arrived to office; food and medicines did not have got ingredient labels and damaging drugs had been sold non-prescription. Due to the publicity of the disasters inside the foodstuff, drug and meat companies reformers begun to take action. Theodore Roosevelt sitting down with Upton Sinclair and promised him to work with his power to try and get rid of the problems that Upton describes in the book. About June 30th Roosevelt held his promise by placing your signature to into law, The Beef Inspection Work. It required industries to put accurate brands on product, banned detrimental...



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