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* 1 . The Advocates: Antonio, Marvin B. Ayes, Edwin, Junior. M. Para Chavez, Benita M. Gomez, Gilbert At the. Facurib, Jayson P. Solis, Mark Anthony E. Tulisana, Ruben P. BSIT – 4 man Evening 2. 2 . The Filipinos started to fight theSpaniards the moment theysettled permanently in 1565 andcontinued this resistance to theend with their rule in 1898. In October 1889, a group of ilustrados in Paris, france, signing themselves as the " Filipinos”. The Philippine Revolt habits must be treated holistically and not independently. * three or more. Personal and religious Capacity Spanish- Revolts are imposedcategorized into economic and three religious establishments Land concerns * some. The revolts were personally led simply by former barangay datus and maharlikas, and also babaylans and katalonas, who had lost all their prestige and power within their communities while using coming with the Spaniards, and were supplanted by market leaders chosen by Spaniards and by the The spanish language friars. Lakandula and Soliman Revolt in 1574 because of sequestration with their landed homes and even toleration of the encomendero's abuse and oppression with their people. * 5. The conspiracy from the maharlikas advancing by Agustin de Legazpi and Matn Pangan. In 1621-22, a great outlawed babaylan, Tamblot of Bohol employed magic and religion in alluring the unbelieving visitors to abandon Christianity and to come back to their former beliefs. Right away, he was crushed by Juan de Alcarazo, alcalde gran of Cebu. The rebellion in Carigara (Leyte), led by Bankaw, Datu of Limasawa 5. 6. Francisco Dagohoy's rise ? mutiny in Bohol. This was the longest rise ? mutiny in Philippine history acquiring 85 years to quell (1744- 1829). Silang Revolt in Ilocos Palaris Mutiny in Pangasinan Magtangaga Rise ? mutiny in Cagayan * several. Two Christianized Isnegs of Northwest Cagayan, Miguel Lanab and Alalaban of Capinatan (Apayao), revolted in 1625, by mutilating and beheading the Dominicans Fr. Alonzo Garcia and Bro. Onofre Palao. A nativist rise ? mutiny with spiritual overtones was led simply by Tapar in Oton, Iloilo, whom proclaimed himself, " God Almighty”. * eight. The Magtangaga Revolt in Cagayan in October 1718 led by simply Francisco Rivera, a vissionary who appropriated for him self the title of " Papa Rey”. Ermano Apolinario entre ma Cruz's mutiny which was divided into two stages: phase you from 1832- 1841 was from the founding of the Confradia de San Jose in 1832 for the death of Dela Cruceta in 1841, and phase 2 coming from 1870- 71, with the rebirth of the Confradia in 1870, terminating with all the revolt and capture of Januario Labios in 1871. * 9. Among the main rebellions owned by this school were these in the late sixteenth century led by Magalat of Cagayan, the Sumodoy and the CARAGA revolts in the 17th century. * 10. Name of Date Place Cause Head Result RevoltLakandula 1574 Tondo, Failure of Gov. Lakandula Failed Navotas Lavezares to satisfy Legazpis' promise to LakandulaPampanga 1585 Pampanga Abuses of Failed. A Spanish female Encomiendero tricked the t revolt. En totalidad 1587- Tondo, Desire for Magat Failed 1588 Cuyo, Independence Salamat, for the reason that Calamianes Matn plot was Pangan, uncovered. Juan Market leaders Banal, had been Pedro carried out. Balingit * 11. Brand of Date Place Trigger Leader Effect RevoltCagayan- 1589 Cagayan, Refusal to spend Failed. Ilocos Ilocos contribution, Easily Aspiracion tyranny of suppressed. tribute collectorsMagalat 1596 Cagayan Abuses of the Magalat Failed. Employed Tribute Assasins Collectors killed the Magalat. Igorot 1601 Northern Desire to have Failed Luzon religious tolerationIrrayas 1621 Cagayan Oppression of Felipe It had been not Valley the Indios by Cutabay, materialized the Spanish Gabriel due to Fr. officials Dayag Pedro Sto. Tomas talking. * doze. Name of Date Place Cause Innovator Result RevoltTamblot 1621- Bohol Desire to Babaylan It was 1622 abandon Tamblot suppressed Christianity and by the return to old Spaniards faith based and Cebuanos. Bankaw 1621 Leyte Desire for Bankaw Failed Religious Pagali TolerationCagayan 1625, Cagayan Desire for Miguel Failed....



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