Writing Lewis Electron Appear in Structure

Writing Lewis Dot Formulation

November almost 8, 2013

I. Learning Objectives

Towards the end of the periods, the students of III- 15, and 3 – twelve must be capable to: 1 . Pupils will be able to interpret and bring Lewis dot diagrams for seperate atoms and both covalent and ionic compounds. II. Subject Matter

A. Topic: Substance Bonding

M. References

1 ) Department of Education, Tradition and Sports. (1991). Technology and Technology III. Quezon City: Publication Media Press, pp. 273. 2 . Divo, Mendoza Elizabeth. Chemistry. the year 2003. Phoenix Publishing House. Quezon City. pp. 80-81 C. Materials

Periodic Table

III. Learning Tasks

A. Routine

1 ) Prayer

installment payments on your Greetings

3. Checking of Attendance

four. Checking of Assignment

N. Recall and Motivation

The model of the atom associated with covalent and ionic connecting that pupils have utilized so far stresses the interesting attractions between bonding atoms. The nucleus, electrons, and double-headed arrows present that the protons and bad particals from one atom attract the oppositely recharged electrons and protons of the other atom, resulting in bonding. The levels display that only valence electrons take part in bonding. Following students be familiar with important role of attraction of opposite charges, you may bring in them to one common, more representational, short-hand way of showing how atoms are bonded collectively. This information is offered if you feel that showing college students these other types of bonding will be useful or perhaps if you need to cover basic information about Lewis us dot diagrams to fulfill your subjects. C. Activity

The activity sheet serves as being a formative examination and gives college students practice interpreting Lewis dot diagrams D. Key Ideas

There are shorthand ways to symbolize how atoms form covalent or ionic bonds. Lewis dot layouts use dots arranged about the atomic sign to represent the electrons inside the outermost degree of energy of an atom. Single provides are displayed by a set of dots or one line among atoms. Dual bonds are represented by simply two pairs...

References: 1 . Department of Education, Lifestyle and Sporting activities. (1991). Scientific research and Technology III. Quezon City: Publication Media Press, pp. 273.



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