Reflecting Practice


Reflective practice is the means of looking back again on the operate you have recently done in order to get better understanding of yourself, how you work, your opinions, feelings and anything you may learn from all those experiences, if good or bad. This can be a way of learning by critiquing and considering back over a situation or a hobby. As a result you can identify the strengths and weaknesses and begin working on improving yourself. More often than not you do some form of reflection without even realising this.

You should use different methods for a reflective practice:

keeping a diary or a journal, writing down what happened can help you have a clear photo of a scenario having a debriefing, supervision, group discussion otherwise you colleagues and manager can offer a vital support and help in reviewing the practice basically taking a break and contemplating what happened will help you put your opinions in order.

Following among the a refractive circle, that contains six actions, can give you a concept of how to reflect. 1 . Description- think about what happened?

2 . Feelings- what did you believe and how would you feel about this? 3. Evaluation- what were the benefits and the disadvantages?

4. Analysis- what impression can you label of it?

a few. Conclusion- exactly what can you have done?

6. Action plan- what will one does next time?

Reflective practice is very important as it helps to improve the service quality we deliver. It can offer you an awareness of your personal feelings and thoughts, your abilities and failings. It can help you identify learning needs, which usually areas you need to improve and work on. In effect it's a wonderful professional development tool.

Refractive practice will help you learn what works for certain service users, as they are almost all individual, sometimes different way and frame of mind needs to be used. You will gain the knowledge of what could be added or taken away to supply...



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