(Revised) Research Paper

Malayan High School of Science

The Effeciency of Eucalyptus Essential oil and Citronella Oil

as a Mosquito Resilient Against Aedes aegypti

(Submitted in partially fulfilment with the requirements in Research 1)

Submitted by:

Francesca Grande

Fay Fadul

Maxine Mendoza

Ariana Bacquial

Darren Formalizar

Table of Contents



I. Introduction1

II. Statement of the problem2

III. Value of the Study2

IV. Range and limitations2


I. Related Literature3

II. Related Studies5











Fay Margarett Olivares Fadul

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Francesca YsabellaMagno

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Darren Sabijon Obligar

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Maxine Alexandra Mendoza

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I. Introduction

Mosquito repellents gained popularity in the Israel because of the common of Dengue. It is considered to help reduce contact with mosquito bites that may bring viruses causing serious health issues and even fatality. Because of this, a lot of organic mosquito repellents have come in the market including geranium oil, soybean essential oil and the two most famous repellents, citronella essential oil and eucalyptus oil. This research is conducted to determine in the event citronella olive oil and eucalyptus oil work well in minimizing exposure to mosquito bites. In line with the Department of Parasitology of University from the Philippines Manila, citronella olive oil and eucalyptus oil are generally not effective as being a mosquito repellent. The citronella oil is actually a colourless or perhaps sometimes light yellow liquid derived from a dried grassy plant referred to as Cymbopagonnardus. It is often used for over fifty years as an insect repellent and an animal repellent. According to an article released by the ALL OF US Environmental Protection Agency, the citronella petrol " works on insects damaging or eliminating them. It has a distinctive smell which may help to make it difficult for some pests to locate a host. The size of repellency time varies with all the inert elements and the amount of citronella oil in the product”. The eucalyptus petrol is extracted from the leaves of Eucalyptus citriodora and is largely manufactured in Brazil and Australia. The moment oil of eucalyptus was tested against mosquitoes found in the US, that provided security similar to repellents with low concentrations of DEET (Mountain Rose Herbal remedies; Novak 2011; US Environmental Protection Agency 1999) II. Statement in the problem

Can easily eucalyptus petrol be while effective as citronella petrol when tested using clothing? Hypotheses:

Null: There is no significant difference between the effects of citronella oil plus the eucalyptus essential oil as a mosquito repellent. Substitute: There is a factor between the associated with citronella olive oil and the eucalyptus oil as a mosquito repellent. III. Significance of the Analyze

The significance of this research is to determine a more powerful mosquito resilient between eucalyptus oil and citronella oil when applied to clothes and which will present longer protection from mosquito attacks. IV. Scope and limitations

The research is going to...

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Wong, C



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