(Braithwaite) " I will give you my decision in in regards to a week, ” said Georges Villedary, dirigeant general in the Le Centre Sheraton, Montreal, as he put down the product and viewed pensively on the letter ahead of him. The letter, went out with March 15, 1994, was from Alitalia requesting a one-year contract for 40 space at $42 per night. Additionally , the resort would have to give a crew permitting of $25, 000 per day. Bills should be paid within seven days of receipt of statement on the weekly basis. The problem facing Georges was a simple one: does this individual take Alitalia and load the 40 rooms intended for 365 days by $42 or does he refuse the company and hope that they can sell the rooms in the full tray rate of $105. 00? Last year he had 115 nights sold out.

General Background with the Hotel

Le Centre Sheraton was located in the downtown area of Montreal. It was viewed as a corporate/convention lodge. In 1987 the resort was known as winner in the Canadian Automobile Association " Four Gemstone Award” and the " Four Star Award” from the Mobil Travel Guideline. The hotel had 824 rooms such as Sheraton Systems – a prestigious five-storey hotel in a hotel. The Towers acquired its own check-in facilities, lay, and exceptional amenities. That contained 131 rooms including 16 fits. The balance of the hotel provided a choice of king, queen, and double bedrooms with an additional 24 suites and half a dozen rooms exclusively equipped for those who have disabilities. Almost all rooms had been equipped with a pay-TV system.

The motel operated 3 restaurants. Le Point de Vue around the 37th flooring offered premium French cuisine and a great wine list. It had a seating ability of 84. Le Chaussee on the third floor was open breakfast every day, lunch, and dinner together a with capacity of capacity of 259. La Musette was obviously a European-style " express” restaurant on the promenade level for individuals in a hurry. It had a with capacity of capacity of 60. In addition to the restaurants, the hotel experienced five lounges and 18 function...



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