social problem in Othello



Today one of the biggest social problems is suicide. The definition of suicide is the act of killing one's self. The main reason why persons commit suicide is that they imagine they don't have any hope and cannot conquer their adverse situation. Inside the play " Othello” by simply William Shakespeare, the protagonist Othello chooses to commit committing suicide because he are not able to stand his situation and feels guilt ridden over eradicating his better half Desdemona for misunderstanding her because of lago's lie. Even though Othello's committing suicide wasn't based upon a true tale, in today's society suicide is among the most prevalent forms of fatality. People simply cannot choose when born then when they can pass away and so Othello should have located other ways to cope with his sadness by learning from his mistakes and assisting others. While shown in Othello, committing suicide isn't the simplest way to solve a problem because if perhaps Othello did not give up, he and others who also commit suicide in today don't allow the opportunity to preserver through temporary adversities. There are hundreds people eliminating themselves each week and there are many reason why people commit committing suicide. From the content " Hints in the Cycle of Suicide” by David Dobbs, " people usually commit suicide because personal, social-system and environmental elements combine to enhance them to a brand new place of vitalized despair. ” This shows how a lot of people commit suicide for several reasons. Othello committed committing suicide for personal causes. People who have mental disorders are in a higher possibility to dedicate suicide. Disorders that affect the biology of mood and behavior just like depression and bipolar, could cause a person to act impulsively on shaky, temporary thoughts. For example , Othello couldn't control his thoughts and put to work them. When folks get extremely upset, they can control their very own mood and behavior so they lose their sense of responsibility, goals and total reality. In Othello, suicide is displayed in the play when the leading part Othello understands the mistake...



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